ZONE RAIDERS™ is a fast-paced, driving combat game that takes place in a futuristic, nuclear wasteland. In the game, the player is an independent Raider who must enter a zone and retrieve, destroy, or activate various items, and then escape successfully. In order to get at these items the player must battle enemy vehicles that, like the player's vehicle, resemble ancient automobiles from the mid to late 20th century, enhanced with hover plates and heavy artillery. In this barren and desolate world of the future, only two things matter - speed and survival. You will travel at break-neck speeds, as you invade and defend the variable landscapes of the dark future, in your beefed-up and heavily armed "vintage" automobile. ZONE RAIDERS™ features fast paced action, a variety of combat vehicles, and exciting game play. Players can play single player, or multi-player network games. Download the Zone Raiders Demo from our site.

"Toast those bad guys, fly over the embankment and dart down that ally. Slide out from the side street, annihilate the guard tower, then take off again. Nothing but open road 'tween you and the exit. Yehaa! I like it . . ."
- Strategy Plus Magazine

" . . . give Zone Raiders™ a try if you're looking for a neat twist on Doom-style arcade fun. You just may be surprised by what you find."
- PC Entertainment

"Zone Raiders™ is one of the best arcade style shoot'em ups in years."
- Computer Game Review

"If you liked Quarantine, Hi-Octane, and especially, Descent, you're going to like Zone Raiders™. It combines the best bits of each - driving, racing, exploring, and blasting through complex 3D environments - yet remains absolutely unique."
- PC Gamer

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