Get behind the wheel of the world's tightest, sleekest stock cars and get ready for the ride of your life! The same great engine that powers the F1 series is here to deliver the most complete NASCAR experience. Jump into the driver's seat and compete in the 2002 NASCAR Championship; race at 24 tracks, with 69 other drivers, and more than 170 different cars. Take complete control of your car with the most realistic vehicle physics, including tire wear and grip, handling and suspension, and dynamic collision physics. Multiple setup options allow you to tweak fender flares, tire pressure, wedge, gearing, anti-sway bar, and much more. .


After all is said and done, I have to give this game two thumbs up, a real thrill ride for any racing fan! EA Sports has pulled off the gloves to bring you a racing game that contains enough gut wrenching action to keep the most diehard fan going for quite some time, yet easy enough to set up and drive that even a rookie driver will feel comfortable strapped into the cockpit of one of these monster racing machines.

The NASCAR Thunder series has always leaned more toward simulation racing than arcade-style action, and the PC version of 2003 upholds this tradition. The gameplay isn't geared toward simply hitting the gas and flying wildly around the track. Instead, you need to pay careful attention to acceleration and braking as you take the turns of each of the game's 24 Winston Cup tracks.


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