History of the Image Space Inc. Software Engine

Did you ever wonder where our logo originated? While working out graphic algorithms on the Amiga and Apple II using a cube for reference, Joe Campana (ISI co-founder) would often be asked "How is the Cube going?" - This became the nickname for the entire software engine, and the basis for the company logo.

As other components were added, they were named according to their function so they would be easier to define. For example gMotor, which became the name of the graphics, and pMotor, the physics.

"The Cube" was used for Zone Raiders, Trazer and Shadowgate Rising, but saw most success when coupled with updated physics in Sportscar GT.

The success of Sportscar GT for both ISI and Electronic Arts (EA), who published the title, effectively decided the future of the company; from this point onwards, the clear focus of ISI was virtual racing. The publishing partnership with EA continued, with ISI producing seven racing titles over four years. These titles included the flagship Formula One and NASCAR licenses.

isiMotor1 was used for Hot Rod Monster Squad (a non-EA side project), F1 2000, F1 Championship Season 2000, F1 2001, NASCAR Thunder 2003 and NASCAR Thunder 2004. However, the highest rated products were the two final Formula One simulations: F1 2002 and F1 Challenge '99-'02.

It is this point that the naming of the isiMotor engine becomes less meaningful. Between isiMotor1 and isiMotor2 many components were completely re-written so that ISI were no longer using any code built for EA. This means that it is not possible to tell the exact advancement of the engine as a whole from those names, though they are still beneficial for internal use.

New business opportunities sprouted between F1 Challenge '99-'02 and the release of rFactor, as for the first time isiMotor was licensed to another software company; SIMBIN Studios AB (now known as Sector 3). This company, which began by making a free addon/mod for F1 Challenge '99-'02, has since produced over a dozen retail products based on isiMotor.

After years of independent development by ISI, the new software engine was first released by SIMBIN in their FIA GT Racing Game: GTR. This was quite an effective test of the isiMotor2 engine, but ISI wanted to work with the modding community on it's first release, because as SIMBIN had demonstrated, members of the public were capable of producing addons/mods of great quality.

ISI decided to make a racing game with an open architecture, provide tools, and see what the community were capable of. The continuing development meant that rFactor, ISI's first release using isiMotor2, did have some features not seen in SIMBIN's first title, and rFactor became the definitive platform for simulated racing for many years.

ISI continues to license isiMotor2 to other companies such as 2PEZ Games Development, Reiza Studios, Ignite Game Technologies, Blimey! Games, Slightly Mad Studios and The Sim Factory. Some of these companies went on to produce very successful software titles. ISI, meanwhile, used isiMotor2 in Superleague Formula: The Game and began to further develop the software engine.

isiMotor2 became the software engine used by most of the Formula One grid when various advancements and a further opened architecture led to rFactor Pro. This product, which continues to evolve, has become the leading software solution for racing teams and automotive manufacturers.

Taking what was learned from isiMotor2 and rFactor Pro, ISI began development of rFactor2, a huge step forward in the simulation of track, tire, weather and physics, with a newly improved graphics engine.



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