DCIRogue System
Rogue System Overview

Rogue System’s goal is to bring the classic space-combat sims into the modern era of gaming at a never-before-attempted level of control. It blends the capabilities and usability of modern games with the detail and fidelity of hardcore combat flight-sims. With a simulated science fiction setting, richly deep spaceship management, and intense combat, Rogue System satisfies both the “survey” and “study” sim enthusiast.

Rogue System’s Core Module (CM) will be a complete campaign-driven sim on its own. It utilizes both dynamic as well as scripted missions to allow for greater replay-ability while telling an intriguing story.

Finally, Rogue System is fully moddable, allowing both DCI as well as the sim’s community to add new ships, missions, and even campaigns.

Later, Extension Modules (EM) will add even more gameplay.

System Requirements
At this time, the minimum specification will be close to the Leadwerks minimum specifications. In the future, a slightly more powerful machine may be required.

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1
Processor: 2.0 ghz dual core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia, AMD, OpenGL 4.0. (AMD graphics require driver 15.4 beta or later. Intel graphics NOT supported.)
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Rogue System CORE MODULE (CM): Key Features*
Detailed Ship Systems: Ship systems are based on both extrapolated real-world, and plausible theoretical, designs–represented in simulation-like detail and inter-dependent. Faults in one system affects others in various ways.

Study Sim-Like Control: You can take both high and low-level manual control of your ship from pre-flight to post.

SOI Assistance: Your Ship’s Onboard Intelligence (SOI), while functioning, will be available to help with low-level ship system management, freeing you to focus on the high-level tasks at hand.

Single-Player Hybrid Campaign: Dynamic missions based on current military and civilian assets. You and your squadron’s performance alters key scripted missions to advance the campaign’s story.

Multiple Squadrons/Multiple Roles: You will choose to fly for one of three (eventual) squadrons, each with its own unique role and ship. Both squadrons fly together to achieve mission objectives.

FPS Gameplay: Move freely from one docked ship to another, perform Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVA’s), effect repairs to your ship during flight, and interact with other squadron pilots in-between missions.

Various Peripheral Support: User-defined control mappings. Bind commands to a number of game pads/controllers. Six-DOF Track-IR support. Planned Oculus Rift/VR Support.

Planned Expansion Modules (EM’s)**
MAVERICK MODULE: The Maverick Module will add open-ended, sand-box gameplay. Own and maintain/upgrade your own single and multi-crewed ships, travel between planets and systems in a dynamically-generated galaxy, and earn a living any way you can as the greater war goes on around you. You will be able to buy, sell and haul cargo; ferry passengers, scavenge for equipment; land on moons and planets*** to mine and explore; bounty hunt and more.

BREACHING MODULE: Extended FPS gameplay—you and your crew will forcibly board other ships in an effort to steal cargo or the ship itself. Likewise, you will need to defend your ship from similar attack.

MULTIPLAYER MODULE: All the gameplay of the single-player modules in a multi-player environment.Run or join persistent servers and work with or against other players.

* Various Core Module (CM) features may not yet be implemented fully (or at all), and some may be delayed based on the success of the early-access phase.

** Expansion Modules (EM’s) will be implemented after the completion of all Core Module Features, and some EM features’ implementation may be built into the CM (such as celestial body landings) based on the success of the early-access phase.

*** Development of atmospheric entry and flight will be ongoing throughout the production of the CM and EM’s. Expect varying levels of performance and accuracy during this process.

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