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It takes a very special sort of game to make this self-imposed sci-fi exile feel nostalgic. Fleet and flavoursome FTL was probably the last title that managed it. Might Rogue System be the next? Read the full article.

Although Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen may have grabbed the headlines and space-cruiser-holds worth of fan’s money, Rogue System is a sleeper space sim that might be just what hardcore space sim fans are really looking for. Read the full Q&A.

Lee Hutchinson writes an interesting piece: I’ve spent the past four nights sitting in the darkened cockpit of a fictional but mostly plausible spaceship. For an hour or two at a time, I busily turn knobs, flip switches, and watch gauges. Every once in a great while, I’ll very slowly fly a few hundred meters […]

PC Gamer were kind enough to give RogSys an early look; and while they had nice things to say they were careful not to over-hype its current state. In the proud tradition of realism-obsessed flight simulators, Rogue System models individual components and their parent systems, right down to coolant pumps and electrical breakers. Unlike high-fidelity […]

Hi all, I recently did an impromptu live-stream interview with Bluedrake42. He had some technical difficulties early on–the interview begins at the 29:00 minute mark if you want to jump ahead. Turns out the technical issues and intermittent low FPS was due to a conflict with the recording software he was using. Here’s a link: […]

“You might even call Michael Juliano’s Rogue System space combat sim “Falcon 4.0 in space,” because that’s the level of realism and system fidelity he’s striving for.” — Andy Mahood, Gamespy Read the article at GameSpy.

Whilst RAVSim’s bread-and-butter genre, the humble racing sim, appears in many ways to be in pretty rude health right now, there is another “simulation” genre that is also enjoying something of a boom period: space combat and exploration. “Simulation”? Obviously this stuff isn’t going on in the real world (or, rather, real universe) right now, […]

Michael “Scott” Juliano è un ex-membro dell’Aeronautica USA convertitosi poi allo sviluppo di videogiochi, lavorando per Atomic Games, Acclaim e Activision. Qualche anno fa ha deciso di dar vita al videogioco dei suoi sogni, un simulatore spaziale chiamato Rogue System. Read the interview at Ars Ludica.

A little while back, a gentleman named Michael Juliano posted on our forums talking about a new game he was making called Rogue System, which aimed to be a more serious, hard core sim rather than the more arcade-like entries in the genre (not that there’s anything wrong with having arcade-like games of course, but […]

Space combat games have been around for a long time, and there has always been a fantasy aura to them. But a new title is being developed that touts the “what if” scenario of realistic air combat tactics in deep space. We are about to see the emergence of a new simulation genre coined, Space […]

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