DCIRogue System

KNOWN ISSUES: (as-of 11JUN17) —-There may be some “jitter” if an EVAS slides along the hull of another ship. —-Some “wonky” collision can allow an EVAS to pass through a ship hull in some cases. This will require revised art to fix…. —-There is no VMS HUD display for the new EVAS helmet —-Currently, momentum […]

KNOWN ISSUES: (as-of 11NOV16) —-You may have to let go of an object (especially the MTS controller), move closer, and then re-grab it in order to “see” the install hitbox. This functionality will be refined. —-This is currently no way to rotate an item you are carrying; but there is not yet a need to. […]

KNOWN ISSUES: (as-of 09AUG16) —-Sometimes, a ship may not register with local OPS when it should. —-In AFT view, velocity lines may become momentarily distorted. —-Using the MTS booster during destination approach can upset the steering solution. —-Aggressive rolls when not lined up with the aim-at indicator can also upset the steering solution. —-VMS indicators […]

Changelog: Added: CSSM–Caution and Warning (CAW) display framework that uses the externalized ship UI system has been created Removed: CSSM–Old CAW display system has been removed. Added: CSSM–new Noesis UI xaml file created for “default” CAW display Added: CSSM–externalized controller file for “default” CAW display Revised: STC–a docked ship will be removed from STC Approach […]

===================== Current Version: eAccess Version “Steam Initial” ===================== Fixed: Minor progression issue with first tutorial Added: “Not Yet Implemented” text to various MFD pages that do not yet have functionality Fixed: Local star glare is now correctly blocked by ships passing in front of exterior cameras ===================== Current Version: eAccess Version “Steam RC2” […]

Added: RMS–Preliminary system functionality Added: RMS–Ability to define permanently hull-mounted RMS systems (up to 5 joints each–MUST have one object per joint) Added: RMS–Partial command bindings for joint rotations (only those needed for Flying Fox RMS currently) Added: RMS–programmatically-driven joint motion (drives the arm to “stowed” and “deployed ready” states, as well as pilot-commanded rotations […]

Added: Interior art for main deck of Flying Fox Added: Ability to define a unique player start position for each ship for single missions Refined: Decreased initial load time Added: Noesis GUI hard-mounted control displays (buttons can now display dynamic text) (Pilot/Co-Pilot only for now) Added: Ability to add and reference new Noesis GUI HM […]

Refined: It is now possible to double up keyboard key bindings based on mode (eg. “W” can now be “walk forward” while in FPS mode AND “translate forward” while in pilot’s seat) Refined: It is now possible to assign one controller (joystick, gamepad) button as a modifier. This allows controller buttons to have two bindings […]

Fixed: Inverted Aft exterior towing collar on Flying Fox Added: Ability for stations to transmit audio services (eg. music channels, local information [ATIS-like]), etc. Added: Test streaming music channel for all stations Refined: Frequency audio degrades at range, eventually being replaced by signal noise Refined: Frequency scans will not be able to lock onto a […]

Refined: Updated current shaders to work with latest Leadwerks changes (including new decal system) Refined: Audio for MTS system Refined: Overall sound internal sound Updated: ISI Launcher has been updated. Should fix rare case where some players could not authorize RogSys on their machines. Added: When using mouse look, the Y axis (up/down) can now […]

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