DCIRogue System
Buy/eAccess – Why should I help to fund Rogue System?

Image Space Inc. funded Rogue System up to the Early Access stage (and to a stage of basic completion). For Rogue System to truly excel we need your support to help fund extended development of the Core Module and beyond.

Immediately we will use Early Access funding to:
– Hire additional artists.
– Hire additional programmers.
– Retain the existing sound designer.

With enough additional funding:
– Add a third playable squadron with its own unique ship.
– Begin to implement Maverick Module features early.

Lastly, early-access purchases are discounted, as we believe pricing for Rogue System may slightly increase after the eAccess period

Please ensure your system meets the listed minimum system requirements before purchasing.
Upgrades: You may upgrade to a higher tier at any time DURING the eAccess period. Your current tier’s cost will be applied as a discount to the upgraded tier.
$30 USDCore Module (Available on Early Access during development)

Gives you access to the RogSys CM throughout both the eAccess and final testing phases.

You will also receive:
– The release version of the Core Module (digital download)
– “Core Module Backer” decal that will be displayed on any ship you fly, viewable in multiplayer (when available and installed)

$60 USDSpecial Edition

You will receive all the access and items of the Core Module tier.

You will also receive:
– The three planned Expansion Modules ($15 each if purchased separately) when available (digital download)
– Any and all mission/campaign packs that may be released in the future
– “Special Edition Backer” decal replaces the Core Module decal on any ship you fly, viewable in multiplayer (when available and installed)
– You will have access to a private forum for more direct input during development

Items: all items will be delivered on a “when ready” basis. Boxed editions with physical items will be delivered when ALL items are available.
$15 USDExpansion Module A (Planned future expansion to Core Module)
The “Maverick Module” — This will add open-ended, exploration-style play. The player can own and upgrade their own ships. They can make money via various means (trading, bounty hunting, pirating, mining, passenger transporting, etc).
$15 USDExpansion Module B (Planned future expansion to Core Module)
The “Breaching Module” — this adds first-person combat. The idea here is to be able to forcefully dock with another ship, board it, and aggressively take it over. Likewise, you’ll have to defend your own ship from the same.
$15 USDExpansion Module C (Planned future expansion to Core Module)
The “Multi-player Module” — this adds the ability for people to set up a persistent server, and allow players to come and go–basically an online version of the career mode. This will also allow for all-human ship crews for ships that have multiple stations (pilot, navigator, captain, etc).
$0-5 USDAdditional Campaigns, Ships or Ship Systems
Add-on playable storyline campaigns would vary in price depending upon the complexity or additional development involved. They’ll be a series of missions allowing players to play out a storyline.

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