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Digits Crossed Interactive, LLC (DCI) was formed on January 2, 2013 to give the space combat simulator Rogue System, our first title, a permanent “home”. DCI’s founding member is Michael Juliano, who has 15 years of experience in PC and console game development.

We are currently located in League City, TX.

Michael Juliano After serving eight years in the USAF, Michael Juliano began his career in the PC gaming industry in late 1998 with Atomic Games as a self-taught 2D artist, mainly working on terrain maps and vehicle sprites for the 2D RTS game Close Combat III. He remained with Atomic Games for two more years, shipping Close Combat IV and Close Combat V, until the studio closed. He then moved on to Acclaim Studios-Austin as a 3D environment artist. While there, he worked on the console platformer “Vexx”. After that he was moved up to a lead environment artist position for a 100 Bullets tie-in, but the studio closed before it was released. Following that, he moved on to “Z-Axis,” a developer for Activision. There he worked on several levels for the console movie tie-in for “X-Men 3.”

Sensing another studio closure, he managed to get in as a Beta tester for Image Space Incorporated (ISI), who at the time were getting ready to ship the racing simulator rFactor. Working on the side, he created his first track for rFactor – Birmingham Motorplex. From there he was contracted by ISI to build Lienz, which was very well received by the rFactor community. Afterwards, he became a full-time environment artist for ISI, and created several more rFactor tracks before heading up the environment team for rFactor 2 – most recently releasing Lime Rock Park.

In mid-2008, with an increasing urge to build Rogue System, Michael began teaching himself c++. In 2010 he felt he had the required knowledge to begin working on his space-sim with whatever spare time he could find.

DCI is very happy to have entered into a publishing agreement with Image Space Incorporated. With ISI’s help, we were able to put Rogue System into full-time production beginning Nov. 1st, 2013. A big “thanks” to them!

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