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Michael JulianoMy name is Michael Juliano, lead (and currently ONLY) full-time developer for Rogue System. I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for you interest in RogSys, especially as we enter this new, Early-Access (eAccess) phase of development. Rogue System is a step away from the common–an attempt to take the space-combat genre in a unique direction by providing a hard sci-fi, sim-like experience, set in an environment with proper orbital mechanics and spacecraft physics. My sincerest hope then is that you will view RogSys as something unique that is worthy of your time and support.

The goal for eAccess is rather straight-forward: Generate the funds necessary to expedite RogSys production. While there are various levels of completion based on eAccess performance (including an initially-streamlined version if I have to continue on my own), my obvious hope is that eAccess is a success. This would allow my company, Digits Cross Interactive (DCI), to hire other talented folks so that RogSys may be realized to its full potential. While awkward, it has become common-place for small independent projects, such as Rogue System, to rely on early-access funding for their continued development. I understand the hesitation you may have spending your hard-earned money on an unfinished product. I feel RogSys has a few things going for it that may ease SOME of that hesitation:

First, I am a professional game developer with over 16 years experience. While many of those were spent as an artist, I also did my fair share of game design. Plus, I now have almost 6 years under my belt as a programmer. I know what is takes to complete a game–the fortitude and dedication to work through the hard times that absolutely come during development. Second, and equally important, I am contractually obligated to finish RogSys. Image Space Incorporated (ISI) has provided the minimal funding that’s allowed me to work full-time on RogSys to get to this point. As such, I had to sign a contract with them. I can not easily walk away from that. Not that I have any intention of doing so regardless. I stuck with RogSys even after the failed Kickstarter two years ago; and I have no intention of bailing on it now when it’s closer to reality than ever.

Personally, let me say that I am a rather honest-to-a-fault sort of guy; and I detest the bullsh*t and hype that are often used to cover up the truth about a product. The truth about RogSys is that as we enter eAccess there is very little gameplay–a handful of tutorial missions to help you get acquainted with the sim, ship and ship systems. This is by both design and necessity. For example, any new hires need to come in soon so that they have the development time to make a difference. I can’t hire these folks without funds. Thus, out of necessity, eAccess NEEDS to start now to give RogSys its best chance of success.

However, in doing this it allows YOU to jump in now and participate in RogSys’s gameplay development. Your input and suggestions on the forums will come when we still have time to act on them. I mean, what good are gameplay ideas when a product has already reached Beta and is close to being finished. By then it’s too late. Plus, honestly, I am NOT all-knowing, nor a physics genius. RogSys is sci-fi, no doubt; but, that doesn’t mean it has to rely on pure “hand-wavium” fluff with no basis in reality. I want to achieve a fun, challenging and unique gameplay experience, offering a believable sim-like experience set in an accurately-based physics environment. My hope is the eAccess supporters will help me stay true to that goal throughout development.

With that, in closing, I want to personally thank you for your interest in Rogue System. If you decide to lend your support by joining us during the eAccess development phase, let me offer my most heart-felt “thank you”. Your support is truly, deeply appreciated!

Michael Juliano
Founder, Digits Crossed Interactive

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