DCIRogue System
eAccess Version EVAS

(as-of 11JUN17)

—-There may be some “jitter” if an EVAS slides along the hull of another ship.
—-Some “wonky” collision can allow an EVAS to pass through a ship hull in some cases. This will require revised art to fix….
—-There is no VMS HUD display for the new EVAS helmet
—-Currently, momentum is not carried over when an EVAS switches from “docked” to “inflight”; and back
—-There is a small lighting glitch when switching EVAS from FPS to INFLIGHT
—-While the EVAS DOES contain a limited amount of propellant and life support that gets properly used, there is currently no level indications for either
—-Currently, there initial EVAS implementation has no way to allow the player to grab on to objects and hulls
—-Currently, you have to aim the EVAS at an object you want to interact with. Mouse-look interaction does not currently work in this mode
—-While in EVAS, external views are disabled since there is not yet animated art for the EVA suit
—-Sometimes, the local star glare is not blocked by internal ship art
—-The new command binding code and binding savefile format, sadly, completely invalidates any old saved control schemes. You WILL need to rebind your controls if you intend not to use the defaults. Sorry for this; but it was a “necessary evil” in this case.
—-It IS possible to bind to the second detent on a trigger with two detents. To do so, bind to the first detent; but do NOT release the trigger. Clear the command of all bindings, and then ASSIGN again. Now, pull to the second detent.
—-You may have to let go of an object (especially the MTS controller), move closer, and then re-grab it in order to “see” the install hitbox. This functionality will be refined.
—-This is currently no way to rotate an item you are carrying; but there is not yet a need to. This will be implemented when required
—-Current grab/carry mechanic is very early first implementation. It can be a bit cumbersome, and will be refined
—-Sometimes, a ship may not register with local OPS when it should.
—-In AFT view, velocity lines may become momentarily distorted.
—-Using the MTS booster during destination approach can upset the steering solution.
—-Aggressive rolls when not lined up with the aim-at indicator can also upset the steering solution.
—-Some people have noted that RogSys will not start at all. Please see the troubleshooting guide at RogSys’ Steam General Discussions for a possible fix.
—-The current test post effects require RogSys to be restarted after turning them on/off.
—-Sometimes, when traveling between planets, the screen may stay black when coming out of SAN. RogSys has NOT crashed. You should press ESC and exit to desktop immediately though.
—-At extreme relative velocity vector offset, and low closure speed, the preliminary target intercept steering may slew the ship off in the wrong direction.
—-Consumables are not yet used while in Sleep/SAN
—-If the stellar background looks weird/has artifacts, please update your AMD drivers to the very latest version. The new drivers contain a bug fix for Leadwerks engine that was causing this
—-Some controls are tagged with “(NYI)” — Not Yet Implemented. These items currently have no functionality
—-When arriving at a destination, the ship will most likely NOT be at the designated apoapsis yet (still refining this aspect of the auto-pilot functionality)
—-The Flying Fox does not yet have a complete set of MFD and VMS functionality (mainly, missing system information functionality)
—-The COMMS instrument panel is not yet implemented
—-While more robust than the original implementation, collision pass-throughs may still occur, especially at higher velocity impacts
—-It has been noted on one occasion that a very-high velocity impact caused a game crash. If you encounter this, please report it with as much information about the time of impact as possible
—-While there is an impact sound, ship-to-ship collisions do not yet have a hull scrape sound event
—-AI aiming, while more accurate now, is slow to align
—-it is not possible, with the first iteration of the zero-g character controller, to grab any hand-holds yet
—-The first iteration of the zero-g character controller does not yet have acceleration-based gravity
—-There is no auditory feedback for the inflight menu UI
—-It has been noted that some people have had to set the RogueSystemSim.exe file (in the Steam/SteamApps/Common/Rogue System folder) to “run as admin” to resolve a low-FPS issue. This seems to be a somewhat common occurance with some Steam titles.
—-The normal mapping of celestial object surfaces may become inverted when the ship rolls 180 degrees. This is a shader bug.
—-There is currently NO collision for celestial bodies (moons, planets). Thus, a “hard-deck” of 30km has been imposed for now.
—-Orbit inclination and Time to Ascension readouts on right mini-HUD not yet working
—-Time to Periapsis/Apoapsis readout can flip-flop when within a few degrees of either extreme (right mini-HUD)

====== Current Version: eAccess Version EVAS ======
Refined: The exterior door can not be opened (nor will the airlock depress) while the ship is under acceleration via MES, MTS, etc.
Refined: The exterior door can not be opened (nor will the airlock depress) while the ship is undocking, docking, etc. You must be either docked, or in free-flight.
Added: EVAS–simple exterior flood light
Added: CONTROL–new command binding for EVAS exterior flood light
Fixed: Improper collision penetration handling
Fixed: All global sounds (CAW audio, COMMS audio) were not being updated to reflect the “ship” change when the player’s EVAS entered free-flight mode

====== Version: eAccess Version EVAS ======
Art: Refined models for interior of Flying Fox airlock
Art: Introduced new surface methods for interior/exterior ship art (demo’d with FF airlock)
Art: Created new shaders to support above-mentioned surface methods
Art: Modeled, unwrapped and textured STOWED version of new EVA suit
Art: Modeled, unwrapped and textured helmet interior of new EVA suit
Added: CORE–Introduced the concept of separate interior “rooms”
Added: CORE–Ship “rooms” can be independently pressurized
Refined: CSSM–interior ship hatches are now assigned to their adjoining rooms
Added: New airlock-type room
Added: AIRLOCK–currently, pressurization is handled automatically depending on door state. When exterior door is commanded opened, all interior doors will close so the room can depressurize.
Refined: AVATAR–characters now use the atmosphere of whatever room they are located in
Refined: AVATAR–when within a sealed EVAS, a character properly uses the suit’s life support system
Added: EVAS–system manager code
Added: EVAS–ability for player to select a suit body to put on
Added: EVAS–player can not put on a helmet until the suit has been put on
Added: EVAS–when the exterior of an airlock opens, all worn EVA suits switch to in-flight mode
Added: EVAS–RCS functionality using cold gas thrusters
Added: EVAS–cold gas thrusters use propellant as expected
Added: Ability to interact with exterior-mounted elements such as handles, buttons, etc. Currently limited to what the EVA suit is oriented at
Refined: AUDIO–initial, rough management of interior audio dependent on pressurization level
Refined: PREDEFS–EVA suits can now be installed to EVAS stations if a ship has any stations available
Added: MISSION–EVA suits are now loaded to their proper locations at mission start. Currently, they can only be loaded in there stowed state
Added: LSS–created prototype EVAS system file and added system load code
Added: CONTROLS–new EVAS control group
Refined: CONTROLS–code to handle binding files that have not yet been saved with new EVAS control group. This prevents older binding files from being invalidated
Added: UI–new “Extra-Vehicular Activity Suit” sub-display, located as part of the “Ship System” control category
Added: CONTROLS–RCS thruster control bindings for EVAS (translation and orientation).
Added: COLLISION–interior “room” collision trigger regions, which track characters as they move from one room to another
Added: COLLISION–exterior “airlock” collision trigger regions, which track when an EVAS enters/exits a ship’s airlock
Refined: CORE–while techinically ships, EVAS required unique code to manage initial setup
Fixed: AUDIO–once inside a sealed EVAS, audio from “host” ship would no longer be heard.
Added: CORE–ability for an EVAS to “undock” from its host ship, including updating camera and ship-of-focus elements when the player is inside the departing EVAS
Refined: LSS–now manages and monitors the pressure/mixture of each room, rather than the entire interior as a whole
Refined: UI–HUD elements can now be displayed on an EVAS visor (visuals not yet implemented for prototype EVAS)
Refined: COLLISION–ship to ship collision reactions are slightly improved; but still require more work
Refined: COMMS–EVAS now use the kHz range 500-599 for their “private” frequencies. All EVAS belonging to the same ship share the same private frequency
Fixed: AVATAR–character breathing was causing erratic fluctuations on overall room pressure
Fixed: CORE–collision setting error that was sometimes skipping collisions under certain conditions
Fixed: CORE–Found errors that were causing only partial reaction forces to be applied in some cases, while too much reaction force applied in others. Not yet perfect, but ship-to-ship collisions are GREATLY improved.
Revised: CORE–art can now be hidden when associated room is sealed from player’s view
Fixed: LSS–math error was causing pressure to fail below 0.0 when room was depressurized, which caused further errors when repressurized
Fixed: EVAS–transition error when “undocking” from a ship that was docked to another
Fixed: EVAS–transition error when “docking” with a ship
Fixed: MISSION–recording error that was causing hatches to be linked multiple times to their associated rooms
Fixed: EVAS–suit body was not re-appearing after being stowed
Fixed: EVAS–suit body was not lighting correctly after being stowed
Fixed: EVAS–helmet was not lighting correctly after being stowed
Fixed: EVAS–stowed suit and helmet were not stowing to the proper port location after being worn and then stowed

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