DCIRogue System
eAccess Version FELIX

(as-of 11NOV16)

—-You may have to let go of an object (especially the MTS controller), move closer, and then re-grab it in order to “see” the install hitbox. This functionality will be refined.
—-This is currently no way to rotate an item you are carrying; but there is not yet a need to. This will be implemented when required
—-Current grab/carry mechanic is very early first implementation. It can be a bit cumbersome, and will be refined
—-Sometimes, a ship may not register with local OPS when it should.
—-In AFT view, velocity lines may become momentarily distorted.
—-Using the MTS booster during destination approach can upset the steering solution.
—-Aggressive rolls when not lined up with the aim-at indicator can also upset the steering solution.
—-VMS indicators are currently all relative to forward view only.
—-Some people have noted that RogSys will not start at all. Please see the troubleshooting guide at RogSys’ Steam General Discussions for a possible fix.
—-The current test post effects require RogSys to be restarted after turning them on/off.
—-Sometimes, when traveling between planets, the screen may stay black when coming out of SAN. RogSys has NOT crashed. You should press ESC and exit to desktop immediately though.
—-At extreme relative velocity vector offset, and low closure speed, the preliminary target intercept steering may slew the ship off in the wrong direction.
—-Consumables are not yet used while in Sleep/SAN
—-If the stellar background looks weird/has artifacts, please update your AMD drivers to the very latest version. The new drivers contain a bug fix for Leadwerks engine that was causing this
—-Some controls are tagged with “(NYI)” — Not Yet Implemented. These items currently have no functionality
—-When arriving at a destination, the ship will most likely NOT be at the designated apoapsis yet (still refining this aspect of the auto-pilot functionality)
—-The Flying Fox does not yet have a complete set of MFD and VMS functionality (mainly, missing system information functionality)
—-The COMMS instrument panel is not yet implemented
—-While more robust than the original implementation, collision pass-throughs may still occur, especially at higher velocity impacts
—-It has been noted on one occasion that a very-high velocity impact caused a game crash. If you encounter this, please report it with as much information about the time of impact as possible
—-While there is an impact sound, ship-to-ship collisions do not yet have a hull scrape sound event
—-AI aiming, while more accurate now, is slow to align
—-it is not possible, with the first iteration of the zero-g character controller, to grab any hand-holds yet
—-The first iteration of the zero-g character controller does not yet have acceleration-based gravity
—-To avoid false detection, you should press a button on each controller BEFORE trying to assign any command bindings for the first time
—-There is no auditory feedback for the inflight menu UI
—-It has been noted that some people have had to set the RogueSystemSim.exe file (in the Steam/SteamApps/Common/Rogue System folder) to “run as admin” to resolve a low-FPS issue. This seems to be a somewhat common occurance with some Steam titles.
—-The normal mapping of celestial object surfaces may become inverted when the ship rolls 180 degrees. This is a shader bug.
—-There is currently NO collision for celestial bodies (moons, planets). Thus, a “hard-deck” of 30km has been imposed for now.
—-Orbit inclination and Time to Ascension readouts on right mini-HUD not yet working
—-Time to Periapsis/Apoapsis readout can flip-flop when within a few degrees of either extreme (right mini-HUD)


====== Current Version: eAccess Version FELIX ======
Refined: Main, System and Utility bus breaker object management
Added: Equipment Bay VMS (currently slaved to pilot’s VMS)
Added: Avatar roll control while drifting (initial–keyboard/button bindings ONLY)
Refined: Emergency lighting will auto-disable when internal flood lights are enabled and working normally
Added: Point light for emergency lighting so normal maps react as expected
Added: Interior and exterior light color can now be defined in ship data file light entries
Added: Functionality to allow isolation valves to be reset (currently RCM tanks only–will expand)
Added: Code for visual representation of iso-valve reset state
Added: Ability for carryable objects to be looked at
Added: Looked-at, carryable objects can now be “grabbed” using default left-click
Added: Basic joint connection so that “grabbed” objects move with the player-avatar
Added: Carried items can now be released
Fixed: Carried items would sometimes start to wobble in the avatar’s “hand”
Added: Command binding to release/throw a carried item
Added: Functionality to allow interior system component art to load to their installed position, if currently installed
Asset: Created model and normal map for MTS Computer Controller art
Asset: Created texture/AO maps for MTS Computer Controller art
Added: Installed interior components can now be un-installed (if allowed).
Added: It’s now possible to install components after they’ve been uninstalled
Added: LSS AG scrubber system now uses the saturation level of the currently installed AGS (allows for replacement of spent scrubbers with spares)
Refined: AGS instrumentation now reflects the state of the currently installed scrubber. If no scrubber is installed, then the saturation levels will be maxed out (representing that no AG scrubbing is occuring)
Added: Ability to click on component “ports” IF no component is installed. If the proper component is being carried it will be installed.
Fixed: LSS AG scrubbing was not being re-enabled once a missing scrubber was replaced
Added: Ability to load MTS comptroller to installed/spare ports
Added: Ability for MTS system to make use of spare comptrollers
Added: Specific, clickable MTS comptroller port
Added: system comptrollers now support locking handles. A unit can not be uninstalled when locked in place, and can not be installed unless in the unlocked state
Fixed: Translation bug when ship parts are being installed/uninstalled
Added: Missing equipment bay doors
Added: New UI page to handle all current door control panels
Refined: Door control panels now use door display UI
Added: Control nodes to door panels for each flood light/door switch (ONLY where doors lead to a “finished” area)
Added: UI–code to manage door switch states (opened, closed and in-motion)
Refined: Added ability to use predefined Leadwerks materials to expand on current create-at-load material setup
Fixed: Several minor bugs resulting from Leadwerks material usage and instancing
Refined: Rigid object scaling now allowed (at load)
Added: UI–AGS saturation displays next to scrubber ports

===================== Version: eAccess Version EBART =====================
Asset: Re-modeled the original space for the Flying Fox’s equipment bay to be more complimentary to a zero-g environment
Asset: Created Equipment bay high-detail geometry for normal mapping
Asset: UV mapped and textured new equipment bay area geometry
Asset: Initial AO and direct light map passes
Asset: Created lighting VFX maps for all equipment bay textures
Added: SV46 equipment bay now ingame (export of assets and data file additions)
Refined: Adjusted collision for player character controller
Refined: Flying Fox flight deck collision

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