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RogSys “RAD SOLAR OPS” Update Now Available!

I knew this update was going to take a bit longer due to the art that had to be done for the new OPS satellite–my apologies for that. On that subject, there is now an Orbital Positioning System (OPS) for moons/planets that have orbiting OPS sats. Currently when within 10,000 km of one of these bodies, you ship will attempt to register with the local OPS. When it does, you can allow your sensor to use OPS data to select/target other ship (even when they would normally not appear on your sensor). When one of these registered ships is selected, you can bring up OPS data for it. This preliminary version of OPS includes a ship’s hull data, register information, and orbital data (apoapsis, periapsis, etc). You can continue to track OPS-registered ships, even when on the far-side of the moon/planet. With this, you will have a far easier time finding ships when arriving to a new location.

The OPS sats had to be powered by SOMETHING other than batteries, hence the introduction of solar panels. I added functionality that will allow ship builders to tag polygons as solar panel surfaces. Once tagged, RogSys will determine their orientation relative to the local star, and then calculate how much power is generated at that moment. If a ship rolls its solar panels away from the star, they can not generate power.

With this same technology, I completely finalized the radiator implementation. Now, pointing your radiators away from the local star will greatly increase their efficiency. This worked well, so I was finally able to tweak the laser coolers so they act as originally intended–as supplimental/emergency cooling. Your radiators are now your primary cooling source. Take some time and learn what configurations to use, and when.

On another note, Roberto (the person who designed the OPS sat) is now working on the EVA suit, so you can expect to be doing some space walking in the near future. For the next update though, I’m going to start work on the Flying Fox’s equipment bay….

As always, please see the change log here for full details; and, thanks for everyone’s support!

Michael Juliano
Founder, Digits Crossed Interactive

Aug 10, 2016 – Download: 230MB
MD5: b494f68e517cf1f9e60ea7f07f2a4e96

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