DCIRogue System
eAccess Version “RAD SOLAR OPS”

(as-of 09AUG16)

—-Sometimes, a ship may not register with local OPS when it should.
—-In AFT view, velocity lines may become momentarily distorted.
—-Using the MTS booster during destination approach can upset the steering solution.
—-Aggressive rolls when not lined up with the aim-at indicator can also upset the steering solution.
—-VMS indicators are currently all relative to forward view only.
—-Some people have noted that RogSys will not start at all. Please see the troubleshooting guide at RogSys’ Steam General Discussions for a possible fix.
—-The current test post effects require RogSys to be restarted after turning them on/off.
—-Sometimes, when traveling between planets, the screen may stay black when coming out of SAN. RogSys has NOT crashed. You should press ESC and exit to desktop immediately though.
—-At extreme relative velocity vector offset, and low closure speed, the preliminary target intercept steering may slew the ship off in the wrong direction.
—-Consumables are not yet used while in Sleep/SAN
—-If the stellar background looks weird/has artifacts, please update your AMD drivers to the very latest version. The new drivers contain a bug fix for Leadwerks engine that was causing this
—-Some controls are tagged with “(NYI)” — Not Yet Implemented. These items currently have no functionality
—-When arriving at a destination, the ship will most likely NOT be at the designated apoapsis yet (still refining this aspect of the auto-pilot functionality)
—-The Flying Fox does not yet have a complete set of MFD and VMS functionality (mainly, missing system information functionality)
—-The COMMS instrument panel is not yet implemented
—-While more robust than the original implementation, collision pass-throughs may still occur, especially at higher velocity impacts
—-It has been noted on one occasion that a very-high velocity impact caused a game crash. If you encounter this, please report it with as much information about the time of impact as possible
—-While there is an impact sound, ship-to-ship collisions do not yet have a hull scrape sound event
—-AI aiming, while more accurate now, is slow to align
—-controls to rotate the player’s avatar along the z-axis while floating are not yet implemented
—-it is not possible, with the first iteration of the zero-g character controller, to grab any hand-holds yet
—-The first iteration of the zero-g character controller does not yet have acceleration-based gravity
—-To avoid false detection, you should press a button on each controller BEFORE trying to assign any command bindings for the first time
—-The test enemy fighter (AI) may not target/engage the player’s ship immediately.
—-There is no auditory feedback for the inflight menu UI
—-It has been noted that some people have had to set the RogueSystemSim.exe file (in the Steam/SteamApps/Common/Rogue System folder) to “run as admin” to resolve a low-FPS issue. This seems to be a somewhat common occurance with some Steam titles.
—-The normal mapping of celestial object surfaces may become inverted when the ship rolls 180 degrees. This is a shader bug.
—-There is currently NO collision for celestial bodies (moons, planets). Thus, a “hard-deck” of 30km has been imposed for now.
—-Orbit inclination and Time to Ascension readouts on right mini-HUD not yet working
—-Time to Periapsis/Apoapsis readout can flip-flop when within a few degrees of either extreme (right mini-HUD)

===================== Current Version: eAccess Version RAD SOLAR OPS =====================
Reverted: SDL2–rolled back to previous version of SDL in an attempt to solve an x-box controller drift issue
Fixed: COMM–added a small filter to stabilize OPS data reception at range
Fixed: MISSIONS–tutorial 6 referenced incorrect buttons for cargo bays and radiators
Fixed: STC–station would incorrectly tell you your ship was too big to dock with it

===================== Version: eAccess Version RAD SOLAR OPS =====================
Fixed: CORE–disabling head-tracking in the options menu would not necessarily disable the TrackIR dll check. Now, if set disabled head-tracking will be completely circumvented, as expected.
Updated: SDL2–Updated SDL to current stable version (2.0.4)
Fixed: OPTIONS–Control bindings mistakenly used “KB” as an abbreviation for the Numeric Pad. This has been changed to “NUMPAD”
Refined: MISSIONS–In two of the temporary tutorial missions, the text has been changed from “cycle MTS Boost Throttles…” to “slightly advance the MTS Boost Throttles…”
Added: ART–modeling, unwrapping, and texturing (70% of final) complete for new OPS satellite
Fixed: COMMS–transmitters and receivers were always being loaded into the same equipment bay
Added: Prelimanry data file for VoidComm OPS-4 “Overwatch” satellite
Refined: It is now possible for a ship to operate without a life support system (satellite, drone, etc.)
Fixed: RogSys would sometimes CTD when loading a ship with no crew/passenger count (satellite, drone, etc)
Added: Preliminary pre-defined ship file for VoidComm OPS-4 (BASIC variant)
Fixed: COMMS–receiver damage now properly degrades signal reception
Added: COMMS–Vehivle Identification Sub-System (VISS) added to COMMS (preliminary)
Added: COMMS–OPS registration (within 10,000 KM of orbiting body)
Added: COMMS–OPS signal reception
Fixed: COMMS–some outgoing signals were incorrectly influenced by ship’s receiver damage
Added: MISSIONS–“OPSSAT” flight task to trigger an OPS satellite to be added to the relevant body’s OPS sat list
Refined: OPS–Satellites will not register with the local OPS system
Refined: SENSORS–Reordered sensor target lock management to allow for OPS targeting even if target is physically occluded by the celectial body
Added: MFD: “OPS D-LINK” function added to MFD SENSORS page. Only available when valid OPS data is being received
Refined: COMMS–By default, COMMS will use the closest OPS SAT with LOS
Added: ART–Surface tagging method to allow per polygon system functionality (solar panel surfaces, radiator surfaces, armor plates, etc)
Added: ECS–ability for solar panels to feed power to both System and Reserve buses
Added: ECS/ART–Solar panel surfaces now generate power based on cell count, max output per cell, and relative orientation to local star
Added: ECS/ART–Solar panel surfaces will not generate power if occluded by a celestial body
Refined: BMS–Preliminary battery system power requirements reduced (was excessively high)
Refined: COMMS–Both Preliminary communcation systems power requirement reduced (where excessively high)
Added: ART–Solar panel deployment motion trigger
Refined: CORE–Fleet management code reworked to be more efficient
Refined: CORE–ship to player update ranges modified
Added: ECS–ability to use solar panel output approximation when ship is out of player’s “sphere of influence”. Still can suffer from celestial occlusion
Added: SYSTEMS/ART–Per polygon functional surfaces CAN be damaged (damage application NYI)
Refined: ART–VoidComm OPS-4 art updated to make use of new functional surface tagging (defined solar panel locations on both the equipment bay and deployable solar panels)
Fixed: COMMS–sometimes a ship would not register with OPS when it should
Fixed: COMMS–previous OPS data was sometimes not released, causing a crash when starting a new mission
Added: TMS/ART–Ability to tag polygons as radiator surfaces
Refined: TMS–now uses tagged radiator surfaces to calculate radiation in the visible light spectrum, based on relative angle to the local star
Refined: TMS–RBLC cooling efficiency greatly reduced
Added: MFD–SENSOR display now includes OPS INFO function. If a selected trace or locked target are registered with OPS, info will be displayed for vessel specifications, owner/operator/registration data, and orbital data (preliminary implementation)
Added: TMS/ART–Added surface-tagged radiators to OPS satellite
Refined: TMS–early version of radiator decloration retained and refined. Will allow modders to assign generalized radiators to ships without having to use surface tagging
Added: MISSIONS–added OPS sats to the External Docking tutorial
Added: MISSIONS–added OPS sats to the starting moon and destination planet (MES Transfer tutorial)
Added: MISSIONS–added OPS sats around 3 different bodies (Test Sandbox mission)
Added: MISSIONS–added one extra station to the destination planet (MES Transfer Tutorial)
Fixed: TMS–sometimes AI-driven ships would not deploy radiators when they should

===================== Version: eAccess Version TRAJECTORY =====================
Refined: VMS–All indicators are now relative to the selected exterior camera, making the current display much more intuitive
Added: VMS–Preliminary Trajectory Corridor Markers show projected trajectory relative to the current strongest gravity well
Added: VMS–basic trajectory corridor color coding (between gWell and ship, beyond gWell, and escape/impact on last marker)
Added: VMS–Preliminary Velocity Marker (currently relative to strongest gWell)
Fixed: ART–Flying Fox ship exterior should now properly cast shadows

===================== Version: eAccess Version APS =====================
Fixed: NAS–APS (AutoPilot Steering) should be much more stable when time acceleration is used during low FPS conditions
Fixed: NAS–APS would often not accurately aim the ship at the various aim-at indicators
Fixed: NAS–APS should no longer cause opposing MTS thrusters to fire, thus causing a fight that would overload the MTS core
Refined: NAS–APS should resolve steering solutions more quickly and reliably (still not perfect yet though)
Refined: NAS–“CANCEL”ing a transfer during the burn now disables AP steering
Fixed: UI–removed “NYI” text from XFER Panel prograde/retrograde inject types
Refined: NAS–If no inject mode specified when a transfer is initiated, APS will default to Orbit Inject Prograde
Fixed: NAS–APS should no longer freak out if destination intercept mode initiated with no destination selected
Fixed: NAS–Deselecting a destination during a transfer will cancel the transfer
Fixed: NAS–APS was sometimes referencing wrong gravity well destination during certain parts of a transfer
Refined: NAS–Further tweaks to AP steering
Fixed: NAS–removed a smooth that could sometimes upset an intercept solution

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