DCIRogue System
eAccess Version “CAW”

Added: CSSM–Caution and Warning (CAW) display framework that uses the externalized ship UI system has been created
Removed: CSSM–Old CAW display system has been removed.
Added: CSSM–new Noesis UI xaml file created for “default” CAW display
Added: CSSM–externalized controller file for “default” CAW display
Revised: STC–a docked ship will be removed from STC Approach control (handles cases where a ship docks with another while being managed by a third’s STC)
Revised: STC–added a wait timer to the “invalid data” approach notice. Now, the invalid condition must be met for two seconds before a warning is thrown (handles brief moments of signal loss)
Fixed: MISSION–Corrected the description of the LENR in tutorial 3
Revised: SHIP UI–implemented an alternate update method that will more evenly distribute UI workload
Removed: SHIP UI–all old prototype ship ui files have been removed from build repository
Fixed: SHIP UI–corrected LENR bar color-coding logic
Fixed: SHIP UI–corrected RCM bar color-coding logic
Fixed: SHIP UI–corrected MTS bar color-coding logic
Fixed: MTS–Boost deflector would sometimes not toggle when trying to change modes
Fixed: MTS–Boost VFX should no longer get stuck “on” when toggling deflection modes
Fixed: MES–Reverse thrust would sometimes not toggle when trying to change modes
Added: MTS–Possibility of boost deflector faults (will get stuck in last set mode)
Added: MTS–Possibility of auto-idle fault (if faulted, will not idle the boosters when changing deflector modes
Added: COMMS–Impact damage now possible (transmitter, receiver, decoder, beacon, as well as “normal” system damage)
Added: COMMS–Caution and Warning fault checks
Added: LSS–Caution and Warning fault checks
Refined: VMS–Selected COMMS frequency indicator available in all display modes
Refined: VMS–Selected trace indicator available in all display modes
Refined: VMS–Targeted track indicator available in all display modes

Known issues:
—-VMS indicators are currently all relative to forward view only
—-AP auto-steering can sometimes induce a RCS fight that will quickly overwhelm the MTS core.
—-Some people have noted that RogSys will not start at all. Please see the troubleshooting guide at RogSys’ Steam General Discussions for a possible fix.
—-The current test post effects require RogSys to be restarted after turning them on/off.
—-Sometimes, when traveling between planets, the screen may stay black when coming out of SAN. RogSys has NOT crashed. You should press ESC and exit to desktop immediately though.
—-At exterme relative velocity vector offset, and low closure speed, the preliminary target intercept steering may slew the ship off in the wrong direction.
—-Consumables are not yet used while in Sleep/SAN
—-If the stellar background looks weird, please update your drivers to the very latest version. Leadwerks engine made an update that requires the latest video drivers. Update: This appears to be a Leadwerks issue caused by a driver “bug”; and Leadwerks is in contact with AMD about it.
—-Some controls are tagged with “(NYI)” — Not Yet Implemented. These items currently have no functionality
—-When arriving at a destination, the ship will most likely NOT be at the designated apoapsis yet (still refining this aspect of the auto-pilot functionality)
—-The Flying Fox does not yet have a complete set of MFD and VMS functionality (mainly, missing system information functionality)
—-Radiators are not yet aware if they are facing towards or away from the local star
—-The COMMS instrument panel is not yet implemented
—-While more robust than the original implementation, collision pass-throughs may still occur, especially at higher velocity impacts
—-It has been noted on one occasion that a very-high velocity impact caused a game crash. If you encounter this, please report it with as much information about the time of impact as possible
—-While there is an impact sound, ship-to-ship collisions do not yet have a hull scrape sound event
—-AI aiming, while more accurate now, is slow to align
—-controls to rotate the player’s avatar along the z-axis while floating are not yet implemented
—-it is not possible, with the first iteration of the zero-g character controller, to grab any hand-holds yet
—-The first iteration of the zero-g character controller does not yet have acceleration-based gravity
—-To avoid false detection, you should press a button on each controller BEFORE trying to assign any command bindings for the first time
—-The test enemy fighter (AI) may not target/engage the player’s ship immediately.
—-There is no auditory feedback for the inflight menu UI
—-It has been noted that some people have had to set the RogueSystemSim.exe file (in the Steam/SteamApps/Common/Rogue System folder) to “run as admin” to resolve a low-FPS issue. This seems to be a somewhat common occurance with some Steam titles.
—-The normal mapping of celestial object surfaces may become inverted when the ship rolls 180 degrees. This is a shader bug.
—-There is currently NO collision for celestial bodies (moons, planets). Thus, a “hard-deck” of 30km has been imposed for now.
—-Orbit inclination and Time to Ascension readouts on right mini-HUD not yet working
—-Time to Periapsis/Apoapsis readout can flip-flop when within a few degrees of either extreme (right mini-HUD)
—-Autopilot attitude alignment modes can be slow to respond sometimes, and can overshoot the “target” (but eventually the goal is reached)

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