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Steam Initial Update — Version

===================== Current Version: eAccess Version “Steam Initial” =====================
Fixed: Minor progression issue with first tutorial
Added: “Not Yet Implemented” text to various MFD pages that do not yet have functionality
Fixed: Local star glare is now correctly blocked by ships passing in front of exterior cameras

===================== Current Version: eAccess Version “Steam RC2” =====================
Mission: Single Mission 1 (Rescue) has been updated to use the Flying Fox
Fixed: When docked, player’s VMS was not displaying proper orbit data on the right VMS
Updated: Z-axis (roll) orientation does not matter when using the emergency clamp on the towing ports. X and Y are still monitored
Updated: When using the emergency clamp to dock, z-axis orientation will not cause an “misalignment” warning
Updated: Target ring drone has had a towing port added to both Port and Starboard equipment bays
Mission: Single Mission 1 (Rescue) has been updated. You now have to rescue a malfunctioning target ring drone.
Updated: MES thrust now calculated when docked using a towing port emergency clamp
Updated: MTS boost thrust now calculated when docked using a towing port emergency clamp (damage caused by exhaust not yet calculated)
Updated: Labeling on the RBLC buttons now reflect their implemented status
Refined: TMS–pump speed changed from NORM/HIGH to LOW/NORM
Refined: TMS–pumps will not be damaged when set to NORM when pressure is within tolerance
Refined: MTS–CAW now correctly throws caution when the EMF level is not within tolerance
Updated: Tutorial missions updated to reflect TMS pump speed labeling/functionality change
Mission: Single Mission 1 (Rescue) now has a secondary goal of releasing the target ring in its safe orbit, then returning home and docking
Fixed: Bug that was not allowing orbit goals to complete properly
Updated: By default, RogSys now stores save games in users/appdata/local/RogueSystemSim (will allow user-defined save location later)
Added: If no save game data currently exists (fresh install), RogSys will auto-create save data (temporary until UI allows for new game/character creation)
Added: Trigger code for 5th preliminary test Steam Achievement
Fixed: ECS–In some cases, when coming out of SAN, or unpausing while time accelerated, the MAIN bus breaker would trip
Fixed: MES–AP AutoThrottle would not release AP control during a transfer burn when disabled
Fixed: UI–mouse pointer would not hide when continuing after mission completion
Fixed: Some of the new static camera names were too long
Fixed: Potential crash bug when coming out of SAN
Fixed: NAS–An aggressive negative closure when entering a transfer burn could cause the auto-pilot to steer incorrectly
Refined: NAS–VMS will now indicate “NULLING CLOSURE” when initiating a transfer until your ship stops moving away from the destination
Fixed: TrackIR–head positioning not working after camera management update
Fixed: CAMERA–linear accelerations were not deflecting the player avatar’s head after camera management update
Refined: CAMERA–linear acceleration-based head deflection
Added: CAMERA–linear acceleration-based head shake
Added: STEAM–trigger for 6th of 6 test achievements
Refined: UI–anti-alias settings now get applied immediately
Updated: CORE–Fullscreen option has been removed until alt-tabbing can be made reliable. Replaced with “Bordered Window” setting

===================== Version: eAccess Version “Steam RC1” =====================
Verified: STEAM–ability to get and set achievements functionality
Added: STEAM–Six achievements for initial release
Mission: Tutorial 1 Introduction updated for use with Flying Fox
Updated: Tutorial task checking now tests against new ship UI system
Fixed: External Power Allow button was not updating correctly based on state
Fixed: Batteries were still being drained by emergency power bus usage after external power had been applied
Refined: Unbound the tutorial advance function from “Use Item”. There is now a unique, bindable command for this
Added: Command to step back to the previous tutorial message. If it was a conditional message, and the condition has been met, it will advance as expected.
Fixed: Tutorial message box flashes when skipping previously-completed tutorial tasks
Fixed AGAIN: COMMS–menu opens when COMMS system is not active
Fixed: COMMS–localizer could not be set if the channel’s frequency was not displayed in the input fields
Mission: Tutorial 3 Launch updated for use with Flying Fox
Refined: Further improvements to orbital insertion functionality after a constant-g transfer
Fixed: LENR-reactant source would stay validated, even with no power to system
Fixed: FCS consumables would validate before power applied to system
Refined: TMS–RBLC’s can no operate in low-power mode when main high-voltage power is not available
Refined: MTS–while STC will prevent MTS core ignition when in STC Limiting range, it will not restrict thrust mode selection
Mission: Tutorial 5 Shutdown updated for use with Flying Fox
Fixed: Consumables would sometimes validate if source tank was not pressurized
Fixed: Sometimes loading ship UI at mission start would micro-pause the sim and toggle HV systems
Fixed AGAIN: Sometimes moveable parts would not snap to their start-up positions when starting a new mission
Fixed: MFD–Sometimes the new MFD system would crash with more than two ships loaded
Fixed: VMS–When docked, the prograde/anti-grade, etc., indicators would be incorrectly oriented.
Mission: Test Sandbox mission updated for use with Flying Fox
Refined: NAS–While not yet in its final implementation, the auto-steering has been improved from its original implementation
Fixed: NAS–Auto-Steering oscillations during time acceleration
Updated: NAS–Orbital insertion after transfer now hits the assigned periapsis usually within +/- 2km.
Updated: NAS–While not yet hitting the assigned apoapsis, NAS will now end the transfer with a fully established orbit (unless a velocity issue prevents it)
Refined: MES–thrust lag reduced
Refined: Physics–the z-axis has been unlocked from the x and y axes. This allows for proper z-axis rotations while continuing to track along previous rotations applied to the other two axes.
Fixed: CSSM–Proximity Warning Tone now works again.
Added: CSSM–initial base code to develop the idea of “rooms” within a ship, which will further focus processing to where the player currently is
Added: CSSM–each “room” now has an audio speaker location, where ship-generated pilot feedback audio and communications emanates from
Updated: Tutorial 3 Maneuvering now updated to work with Flying Fox
Updated: Tutorial 4 External Docking now updated to work with Flying Fox
Added: STEAM–added trigger for test “1st undocking” achievement
Added: STEAM–added trigger for test “1st docking” achievement
Added: Tutorial 6 Constant-G Transfer tutorial mission
Updated: Flying Fox now has basic external collision
Refined: Ship to ship collision reaction should be more precise than it was, with less instances of collision penetration (not perfect yet though)
Added: CAW–Fault Acknowledge switch added to Flying Fox, just below the MFD
Fixed: CAW–Fault Ack switch logic
Updated: TMS–RBLC emission effect now tied to RBLC output (requires tweaking)
Updated: TMS–Heat Pad/Pipe emission effect now tied to surface temp (requires tweaking)
Updated: TMS–Radiator emission effect now tied to surface temp (requires tweaking)
Fixed: Near-clip for static external cameras reduced to avoid seeing “into” another ship when docked
Refined: Flying Fox static port cameras moved slightly to avoid seeing “into” another ship when docked
Added: CSSM–Bay Door deploy buttons
Added: Flying Fox now has a few more experimental static cameras, selectable via the MFD
Added: Ability to mount a static camera to a movable ship part
Added: Flying Fox static camera that is mounted to the end of the RMS
Added: CSSM–Initial cargo bay manager added
Added: CSSM–Cargo bay door controls for dorsal (bay 1) and ventral (bay 2) bays
Added: CSSM–Ability to link radiators to cargo bay doors. Hence, you can’t close bay doors if radiators are deployed
Added: TMS–Ability to link radiators to cargo bay doors. Hence, you can’t deploy radiators if doors are closed
Added: Alternate linear motion method that solves rotation errors with chained objects

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