DCIRogue System
eAccess Update 4.7 — Version

Added: RMS–Preliminary system functionality
Added: RMS–Ability to define permanently hull-mounted RMS systems (up to 5 joints each–MUST have one object per joint)
Added: RMS–Partial command bindings for joint rotations (only those needed for Flying Fox RMS currently)
Added: RMS–programmatically-driven joint motion (drives the arm to “stowed” and “deployed ready” states, as well as pilot-commanded rotations
Fixed: Some linear-driven objects were not snapping to their initial positions at mission start (such as pilot station for Flying Fox)
Added: RMS–System file for basic, hull-mounted, RMS unit
Added: Instrument art for current remaining systems
Refined: TMS–Updated instrument function code for use with new external UI system
Added: TMS–First pass implementation for Radiation-Balanced Laser Cooling system (RBLC)
Fixed: TMS–SEVERAL heat transfer-related bugs, making waste heat management more difficult, but also more predictable
Fixed: TMS–Radiator Bypass now actually causes coolant to bypass the loop’s radiator (useful when in direct sunlight so coolant does not “capture heat” from the star)
Added: TMS–RBLC Bypass now causes coolant to bypass the loop’s laser cooler
Added: TMS–Test SAI functionality to bypass radiators/laser coolers to prevent coolant from getting too cold (uses bypasses)
Fixed: LSS–Cabin HVAC bug–would not stop heating cabin once started
Updated: MFD–prototype MFD NAVIGATION, COMMS, PORTS and DISPLAYS pages now updated for use with externalized UI framework
Updated: VMS–prototype HUD Navigation and Docking display modes updated to work with new externalized UI framework
Refined: NAS–Arrival Orbit Inject Prograde/retrograde (MES constant-g transfer) now partially implemented (on arrival, your ship will be aimed at pro/retrograde alt, rather than directly at the planet/moon)
Refined: MFD–COMMS transmission log now visible at all times when COMMS page is active (rather than hidden within a subpage)
Fixed: MFD–prototype icons for planets/moons were not being displayed properly on their respective UI widget
Added: Docking HUD–ability to manually swap x/z rotational orientations via the DISPLAYS MFD page
Added: Docking HUD–ability to manually invert x,y,z rotational orientations via the DISPLAYS MFD page
Fixed: bug that was causing mission generated ships to not spawn at the proper location in orbit
Fixed: bug that was causing mission generated ships’ visual orientation to not match their recorded data
Refined: Angular rate/tangential velocity is now taken into account when two objects/ships detach.
Refined: Only towing docking collars (no direct ship to ship access for crew) have emergency clamps
Refined: MFD–improved position offset and orientation needle logic for docking display

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