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RogSys eAccess Testing Update 4.6 Now Available!

It’s been a hectic time from the end of last year until now; and much of the work done during this period was rather time consuming. Interior art for the new ship continued to eat a majority of it, especially when it came to the cockpit controls. Not only was there art though, but all the hard-coded UI systems HAD to come out, now being replaced by external frameworks that allowed for UI config files. Of course, this also meant that a bunch of code had to be written to interpret the external data, and legacy code removed. Basically what this means is that now new ships can either use a default control UI scheme, or a new one can easily be added via the external framework. This will make customizing and localizing UI (as well as adding new ships) by both modders and myself MUCH easier. This is important since there are still two player-controlled ships that MUST go in for the Core Module release.

Along with this, a LOT of time was spent going over the functionality of each ship system, and making revisions based on player feedback and bug reports. Of particular interest, the VMS (Viewport Monitor System) now uses proper render textures for the external view (rather than the old “window” approach). One of the benefits of this is that you can now cycle through multiple exterior static cameras, in order to get a better awareness of your surroundings, without always having to switch to an external camera. Also, and while not complete, work has been done on the MFD/EFD system. Where as before you had to “click” into and out of an MFD in order to control it, now all you need to do is “look” at it–the MFD pointer/caret slaves to where you are looking. This will make working with these displays seamless.

I DO recommend that you DO NOT “install” this version of Rogue System over your existing version. The reason is that SO much has changed that the old FireArc prototype ship no longer works with the new code. Likewise, since the new ship does not yet have a completed set of MFD functions (for NAV, COMMS and targeting, etc), nor does it yet have the docking display available on the new VMS system, it does not yet work with the already existing tutorial missions. In fact, you will only find ONE “mission” with this update, and that is the same test scenario that I’ve been using while developing the Flying Fox. So, keep your old install so you can continue to play the current missions (until the next update when all the work will be finished and all the missions updated).

The next two updates will prepare Rogue System for an early access release on Steam (don’t worry, existing players will receive a Steam key if they want one at no charge). New gameplay will be going in to support this, so look out for these upcoming releases.

As always, thank you all for your continued support, and indeed for your patience during this extended update cycle!

Best Regards,
Michael Juliano

Download: (Main) | Image Space Inc. (Mirror) – 224MB
MD5: 85228c0b4fbdcf86f7c24b42821492f6

After you have it, DO NOT extract the contents of “Rogue_System” into your current “Rogue_System” install folder. You can create a “new” install, be sure to copy “GameState.ROG” and “Controls.ROG” (located in “SaveGames/TestGame”) from the old install to the new one. Remember: There is no installer yet, the software runs from the folder you extract to.

Your activation information is not stored in the game directory, so will not be affected either way, and you can run the previous release and this one on the same machine in different folders.

Be sure to check the readme.txt for update release notes and known issues.

Here’s the change log for the update:
Added: Interior art for main deck of Flying Fox
Added: Ability to define a unique player start position for each ship for single missions
Refined: Decreased initial load time
Added: Noesis GUI hard-mounted control displays (buttons can now display dynamic text) (Pilot/Co-Pilot only for now)
Added: Ability to add and reference new Noesis GUI HM controls pages (Pilot/Co-Pilot only for now)
Added: .ROG data file for each new HM controls page
Fixed: It was sometimes possible to stand up from seat while it was in motion
Added: HM control display text now defined in control file (modes: ON, OFF, ACTIVE, INOP). This allows for localization
Refined: TMS–each cooling loop now has a dedicated coolant storage tank
Added: TMS–coolant storage tanks now have properly functioning pressure bladders and isolation valves
Refined: TMS–coolant pressure now more accurately calculated
Refined: TMS–coolant temperature is now monitored for coolant in the lines, as well as isolated coolant remaining in the storage tank
Fixed: TMS–flash venting of coolant should now properly work as long as the system is configured properly
Refined: RCM–reactant tanks now have properly functioning pressure bladders
Refined: ECS–a ship can now have up to four independent system buses
Refined: ECS–a ship can now have up to four main High-Voltage buses
Refined: ECS–a ship can now have up to four weapon buses
Refined: ECS–each ship now has a clearly defined reserve power bus (used to recharge batteries, etc)
Refined: ECS–emergency power bus is now isolated from reserve power bus
Refined: ECS–distribution mode switch removed
Refined: ECS–bus ENABLE buttons removed
Refined: ECS–each bus now has a properly defined breaker. As long as it is set the bus is functional
Refined: ECS–Each HV bus can now be tied to one or more system and weapon buses
Refined: BMS–it’s now possible to specify which system bus is fed by fuel cell (one or multiples allowed)
Refined: FCM–it’s now possible to specify which system bus is fed by fuel cell (one or multiples allowed)
Refined: FCM–a single SOURCE VALIDATE button will auto-select valid RCM tanks for fuel cell consumables
Refined: FCM–there is now a single ISOLATE button that will permanently cut off the fuel cell consumables supply
Refined: MES–LENRs and other HV generators have been removed from Main Engine functionality to their own sub-system
Added: LENR–added a new HV generator sub-system (LENRs, etc). Ships can have more than one HV generator
Refined: LENR–no longer requires an EM shield (functionality removed)
Refined: all sub-systems updated to properly use revised ECS power distribution
Fixed: COMMS–menu should no longer open when transmission is not possible
Fixed: transmitter is no longer required for hard-line communication with STC
Fixed: COMMS–system use properly produces waste heat
Fixed: COMMS–signal transmissions request proper power levels
Fixed: COMMS–signal transmission now produces waste heat
Refined: LSS–made changes that MAY fix no-oxygen condition with total power loss (requires testing)
Added: new sound bank for Flying Fox (currently uses assets from FireArc prototype)
Added: new sound bank for test LENR system (currently uses assets from MES prototype)
Refined: Safety cover functionality
Added: Weapon Capacitors can now feed their charge back into the reserve and emergency buses in emergency supply mode
Refined: Cleaned up weapon firing code
Refined: weapon shot power to waste heat calculation now more accurate
Fixed: NAS–system was not creating waste heat while operating
Fixed: WTC–system was not creating waste heat while operating
Refined: FCM–Purge is now OFF or AUTO ON. When contaminants build up to a critical threshold the system will purge accordingly
Fixed: Both NAS and WTC were using the wrong values for power consumption (copy/paste error)
Refined: Added safety switch covers to many critical controls
Refined: ECS–reworked bus amp limits. Excessive draws on any bus now properly causes the buses’ breaker to trip
Added: LSS–pilot’s life support control panel
Added: LSS–functionality/visual control to enable/disable scrubbers
Added: LSS–functionality/visual control to isolate primary, secondary and liquid consumable tank via ISO valve
Added: LSS–functionality/visual control to enable(auto-on)/disable cabin HVAC
Added: LSS–functionality/visual control to enable(auto-on)/disable primary, secondary, and liquid consumable tank pressure pump
Added: COMMS–switch functionality/visual control for incoming signal/comms volume (system functionality Not Yet Implemented)
Refined: Cockpit Art–switch safety covers now see-thru to allow button text to remain readable
Added: RCM–Functionality to handle core jettison (system function only–exterior visual does not yet jettison from ship)
Refined: RCM–Once a tank’s isolation valve has been commanded closed it can NOT be opened again
Added: RCM–Switch safety covers for tank isolation valves
Added: RCM–visual control to allow a tank to be refueled (visuals only, functionality Not Yet Implemented)
Refined: MES–core functionality updated
Fixed: RCM–bug that would cause an “out of propellant” warning if the reactant core system was restarted
Refined: NAS–moved the destination attitude modes from “target” attitude reference to a new “destination” attitude reference
Added: Noesis GUI hard-mounted instrument displays, replacing the old instrument UI system (Pilot/Co-Pilot only for now)
Added: Ability to add and reference new Noesis GUI HM instrument pages (Pilot/Co-Pilot only for now)
Added: .ROG data file for each new HM instrument page
Refined: VMS–now uses render-to-texture for proper “displayed image” of exterior space
Added: VMS–can now display any of the ship’s exterior static cameras
Added: New VMS shader for RTT image
Added: Ability to switch between new RTT VMS or old “window” tech (later, modders will be able to assign a window or a VMS to each separate area/room within a ship)
Added: Option to select LOW, NORMAL, and HIGH render texture quality for control and instrument UI (currently only in GameStates.ROG)
Added: Option to select LOW, NORMAL, and HIGH render texture quality for VMS displays (currently only in GameStates.ROG and “locked” at NORMAL)
Added: VMS–externalized framework for VMS HUD displays (similar to control and instrument UI)
Added: VMS–orbital information display to right VMS screen (uses new externalized framework)
Fixed: potential crash bug on game exit
Fixed: MES–new main engine functionality produced low thrust levels
Refined: MFD–it is no longer required to enter/exit MFD control mode. Now, the MFD caret is auto-slaved to the “look-at” point
Removed: MFD–commands to enter/exit MFD control mode
Added: MFD–basic externalized framework for MFD UI
Added: MFD–new shader for see-thru MFD’s (these are the Eye’s Front Display from the Kickstarter prototype)
Refined: FCM–a fuel cell is now placed in STANDBY mode when no bus is selected for power output
Added: New, preliminary boost/deflector exhaust VFX for SV46 II Flying Fox
Fixed: Flying Fox RCS exhaust ports were not represented correctly in data file
Fixed: FCM — fuel cell core was not cooling to ambient temperature correctly when shutdown (introduced with system function revision)
Fixed: LENR — core was not cooling to ambient temperature correctly when not fusing and heater shutdown (introduced with system function revision)
Fixed: FPS camera would gimbal lock when player’s ship began a mission docked at a 90 degree angle (seems to be a Leadwerks engine bug?)
Fixed: some off-angle exterior static cameras would gimbal lock as ship rotated (seems to be a Leadwerks engine bug?)
Fixed: LENR, FCM and HVAC heaters would rapidly flip-flop around their auto on/off point–implemented a working tolerance between on/off settings
Fixed: was possible for FCM output bar to report past upper limit, causing a graphic error
Fixed: potential axis assignment error under certain conditions
Added: VMS–previous/next static camera select (key-binding only for now–no visual control yet)
Added: MTS–command bindings for individual booster throttles (currently up to two)
Refined: MTS–the old booster throttle binding now acts on the currently selected booster (booster 1 by default)
Added: MTS–throttle lock is now a mechanical lock for all booster throttles. when locked, all throttles will match whatever throttle 1 is commanded to
Added: MES–command bindings for individual throttles (currently up to two)
Refined: MES–the old throttle binding now acts on the currently selected main engine (engine 1 by default)
Refined: MES–the old “throttle lock” command now acts as a mechanical lock for all main throttles. When locked, all throttles will match whatever throttle 1 is commanded to
Refined: MES–for multi-engine ships, magnetrons will not enable if output thrust is being generated, or if the throttle for that engine is not at idle
Refined: MES–for multi-engine ships, superconductors will not enable if output thrust is being generated
Fixed: Flying Fox flight control graphics now mimic player input

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