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RogSys eAccess Update 4.5 Now Available!

With November and December being shorter months due to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I realized I would not have enough time in either month for a full update cycle. So, I’ve taken the tasks for Update 5 and split them up into two smaller updates: Update 4.5 (this), and Update 5.0 in December (around the 20th).

Work on the Flying Fox interior continues; and although I made good progress, it’s not yet controllable. I was going to try and set it up so you could at least walk around in it; but I decided to not do that and spend that time working on more gameplay-critical elements. In this case, ship-to-ship collisions. A low-level bug which caused collisions to be missed is why they were disabled before the start of eAccess. This has been debugged, and so they are now enabled.

This is a first-pass implementation, and while ship-to-ship collisions work pretty good already you will notice some oddities, I’m sure. Under certain situations you can cause your ship to pass through another, for example. The main goal right now was to make sure collisions were registered and acted on. Testing and refinement will clean them up. Internal system damaged based on impact force is applied; but obviously is not yet final. The prototype FireArc (your ship) can take a bit of a beating due to the armor. The training platform is NOT armored however and can be damaged easily–be careful during docking!

Another goal for Update 5 is control binding refinements. A few of these have gone in for this update. First, you can now “double up” control bindings to the same keys based on the current mode. For example, the “W” key can now be used for both walking forward AND translating the ship forward. The second addition is the ability to assign a joystick/gamepad button as a modifier for other joystick/gamepad buttons. This lays the ground work to later allow you to create other modifiers so you can come up with several key/button combinations. Currently, the button modifier ONLY works for other joystick/gamepad buttons–it does not yet affect axes or hats. However, many joystick hats and gamepad D-Pads are represented as buttons, so the modifier would work on these.

NOTE: The control binding updates will probably require you to rebind some controls. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

Again, due to the continued artwork gamecode work continues to be slower; so, I hope you excuse the shortened changelog…

As always, thank you all for your continued support!

Michael Juliano
Founder, Digits Crossed Interactive

Download: (Main) | Image Space Inc. (Mirror) – 311MB
MD5: 531da3c1f2ce88afaa377eb4c1f6486d

After you have it, you can either extract the contents of “Rogue_System” into your current “Rogue_System” install folder, or you can extract to a new location. If you create a “new” install, be sure to copy “GameState.ROG” and “Controls.ROG” (located in “SaveGames/TestGame”) from the old install to the new one. Remember: There is no installer yet, the software runs from the folder you extract to.

Your activation information is not stored in the game directory, so will not be affected either way.

Be sure to check the readme.txt for update release notes and known issues.

Here’s the change log for the update:
Refined: It is now possible to double up keyboard key bindings based on mode (eg. “W” can now be “walk forward” while in FPS mode AND “translate forward” while in pilot’s seat)
Refined: It is now possible to assign one controller (joystick, gamepad) button as a modifier. This allows controller buttons to have two bindings each (does not yet apply to axes and hats)
Refined: Options/Controls page–the “cancel” button has been changed to “close”. Closing the Controls page before saving will cancel all changes since the last save.
Refined: Options/Controls page–“save” no longer closes the Controls page.
Fixed: Options/Controls page–closing without saving, and then returning to Controls page, the unsaved changed bindings would not always reset to the last-saved bindings
Fixed: Localizer signals were not broadcasting under emergency power
Fixed: When ship-to-ship collisions occurred, collision location and normal vector were not being properly passed to game code from physics engine
Re-Enabled: Ship-to-ship collisions are now active again, and behaving properly as expected for first-pass implementation
Added: Impact sound event for ship-to-ship collisions (scraping sound still required)
Refined: Exterior ship parts can now collide with ship hulls
Refined: Cockpit modules can now collide with ship hulls

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