DCIRogue System
eAccess Update 4.5 — Version

Refined: It is now possible to double up keyboard key bindings based on mode (eg. “W” can now be “walk forward” while in FPS mode AND “translate forward” while in pilot’s seat)
Refined: It is now possible to assign one controller (joystick, gamepad) button as a modifier. This allows controller buttons to have two bindings each (does not yet apply to axes and hats)
Refined: Options/Controls page–the “cancel” button has been changed to “close”. Closing the Controls page before saving will cancel all changes since the last save.
Refined: Options/Controls page–“save” no longer closes the Controls page.
Fixed: Options/Controls page–closing without saving, and then returning to Controls page, the unsaved changed bindings would not always reset to the last-saved bindings
Fixed: Localizer signals were not broadcasting under emergency power
Fixed: When ship-to-ship collisions occurred, collision location and normal vector were not being properly passed to game code from physics engine
Re-Enabled: Ship-to-ship collisions are now active again, and behaving properly as expected for first-pass implementation
Added: Impact sound event for ship-to-ship collisions (scraping sound still required)
Refined: Exterior ship parts can now collide with ship hulls
Refined: Cockpit modules can now collide with ship hulls

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