DCIRogue System
eAccess Update 4 — Version

Fixed: Inverted Aft exterior towing collar on Flying Fox
Added: Ability for stations to transmit audio services (eg. music channels, local information [ATIS-like]), etc.
Added: Test streaming music channel for all stations
Refined: Frequency audio degrades at range, eventually being replaced by signal noise
Refined: Frequency scans will not be able to lock onto a signal if it is too degraded
Added: Audio service channels can be blocked by celestial bodies.
Refined: Frequency scans will ignore a signal source if it is blocked by a celestial body.
Refined: Localizer signals now degrade with distance from source
Refined: Localizer signals can now be blocked by celestial bodies
Refined: As localizer signals become more and more degraded their data becomes corrupted, causing docking alignment data to become “invalid” until proper data is received again
Refined: When a localizer signal is degraded to corruption, the aim-at reticle ceases to track with it
Added: Preliminary sound event for FLUX propulsion. This is meant as SAI-generated feedback for the pilot through the ship’s audio system.
Refined: Flying Fox mapping (diffuse, normal, lighting, lighting FX) complete to 70%
Added: Archelion ship parts for Flying Fox modeled and textured (complete to 70%)
Fixed: Objects parked in orbit around distant bodies would vanish upon player arrival
Fixed: Ship start location was incorrect for mission ships created after the mission was already in progress
Fixed: Now store 64-bit celestial body and ship position data independently for accurate orbital calculations for ships around distant bodies
Fixed: Update sequencing between celestial bodies and ships
Fixed: When snapping out of SLEEP/SAN due to a SAN alarm, the SAN event was not cleaning up correctly, causing a snap in celestial body positions of several kilometers.
Refined: Closure rate for a designated target is much more stable
Added: Single Mission 2–A simple test “sandbox” mission. Player starts docked and shut down, and there is at least one ship in orbit and each planet/moon of the test star system
Fixed: COMMS — Scan Audio causes crash on dead “man-made” frequencies
Added: Option to disable “Look At” tooltips (GameStates.ROG only, no ingame UI yet)
Fixed: Landing Skid control tooltip improperly labeled
Refined: VMS — docking display linear closure rates are now much more stable
Fixed: After switch to 64-bit position storage for ships/celestial bodies, entering a second mission would cause player’s ship to be in the wrong location
Fixed: HMD NAVIGATION — XFER Panel would remain open if switching to another HMD mode
Added: CAW Panel (Right) — Added indicator light for Emergency Docking Clamp (on when primed and ready)
Fixed: Predefined ships that allowed weapons, but with none installed, would cause a CTD
Fixed: “Flying Fox” localizer beacons would not xmit with emergency power
Fixed: Predefined ships loaded without an MTS system would cause a CTD
Removed: Old orbital station art
Fixed: Mouse pointer would be shown after resuming from the pause menu
Added: SAI — Generated feedback for weapon firing
Added: SAI — Generated feedback for weapon reloading
Added: SAI — Generated feedback for weapon hit
Refined: Fixed AI aiming, while still slow to align, is more precise

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