DCIRogue System
eAccess Update 3 — Version

Refined: Updated current shaders to work with latest Leadwerks changes (including new decal system)
Refined: Audio for MTS system
Refined: Overall sound internal sound
Updated: ISI Launcher has been updated. Should fix rare case where some players could not authorize RogSys on their machines.
Added: When using mouse look, the Y axis (up/down) can now be inverted. Currently, this is a GameStates.ROG-only option. There is no UI element for it yet
Fixed: Flights generated by missions will now properly establish orbit using recorded periapsis and apoapsis (rescue mission now works properly)
Added: VMS Navigation–destination aim indicator
Added: VMS Navigation–destination prograde indicator
Fixed: Navigation — “End Point” alarm now works properly as described by rudimentary implementation
Refined: Navigation — updated burn panel inputs (NOT FINAL)
Fixed: Ship N-body code was ignoring the inner-most planetary system, making it impossible to achieve orbit around it or any of its child bodies
Modeled: New ship body exterior for “Flying Fox” (1st pass)
Modeled: New ship basic body interior for “Flying Fox” (1st pass)
Fixed: Could not communicate with local STC when arriving at a new celestial body
Fixed: Several potential fleet management crash bugs
Fixed: It was sometimes not possible to track orbiting ships around various celestial bodies
Removed: NAS–Mid-point and End-point manual alarms (they are now automated when beginning a transfer burn) (constant-g transfers)
Refined: NAS–Mid-point alarm now wakes player when approaching distance/velocity calculated deceleration point (constant-g transfers)
Refined: NAS–Target reference auto-pilot alignment–prograde/retrograde aligns to sensor-tracked target, norm/anti-norm aligns to aim-point for celestial destination, and rad-in/out aligns to destination prograde/retrograde (temporary solution for current cockpit art)
Fixed: Particularly in the FLUX tutorial mission, several stations would appear at the centroid of the player’s ship
Fixed: MES–when using SLEEP, FLUX propulsion would cause a YAW drift that would slowly build up over time
Potential Fix: Wobble when using FLUX propulsion in time acceleration on some machines (see above)
Added: While Sleeping, the debug console will count down the remaining minutes of sleep time (temp solution so players know the sim hasn’t locked up)
Added: The debug console will show the current time compression setting when the player changes it
Added: NAS–constant-g transfer solution will automatically end if the relative velocity between ship and destination drops below 4000ms
Refined: NAS–autopilot modes now function during SLEEP/SAN
Refined: SLEEP duration lengthened to 1-hour
Added: Solar radiation now applied to ship exterior surface based on distance from source, radius of source, source surface temp, etc (assuming a fixed reflection rate for now)
Added: Direct solar radiation blocked by other celestial bodies in the system
Refined: NAS–Attitude Align AP disables when a new mode is selected (keeps ship from slewing while cycling through modes)
Added: Preliminary data file for “Flying Fox” (exterior only)
Added: Basic hull art for “Flying Fox” (exterior only)
Added: Preliminary pre-defined ship file for “Flying Fox”
Fixed: Yet another potential crash bug concerning fleet management
Fixed: Some ships which started a mission docked to a station other than the players could not find their host

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