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RogSys eAccess Update 2 Now Available!

We’re happy to announce that RogSys Update 2 is now available for download.

Update 2 focuses on mission parameter improvements, several fixes and refinements to damage caused by impact forces, and the addition of a preliminary Sleep/SAN (suspended animation) system.

While sleeping, time is advanced rapidly (so far I’ve successfully tested as much as 24 hours in 6 seconds), thus allowing for VERY long trips. This functionality is critical to the campaign missions, some of which will be very great in distance. Celestial body rotation/translation is advanced, as is ship rotation/translation. Also, while the MES Flux Drive is “burning”, ship velocity will also be updated (MTS Boost accelerations are NOT YET updated). You’ll also notice many fixes and refinements based on player feedback.

Finally, notice that the prototype FireArc is now fitted with a pair of missile launchers, each with a pair of simple, “dumb” missiles. Currently, the missile system is always enabled. As long as the weapons are armed, you can launch a missile. They currently will launch in sequence. There is no hit detection for them yet, so no damage will be caused. The critical goal was to get the launcher and missile systems, data structures and basic operation fleshed out. This work achieved that goal.

As always, thanks to all the eAccess backers for your continued support. Also, a big thanks for all the great suggestions, ideas and bug reports on the forums. You all are very much helping to shape and refine RogSys.

Michael Juliano – DCI

Download: (Main) | Image Space Inc. (Mirror) – 246MB

After you have it, you can either extract the contents of “Rogue_System” into your current “Rogue_System” install folder, or you can extract to a new location. If you create a “new” install, be sure to copy “GameState.ROG” and “Controls.ROG” (located in “SaveGames/TestGame”) from the old install to the new one. Remember: There is no installer yet, the software runs from the folder you extract to.

Your activation information is not stored in the game directory, so will not be affected either way.

Be sure to check the readme.txt for update release notes and known issues.

Here’s the change log for the update:
Fixed: When orbiting inner moons, ship orbits would quickly deteriorate
Extended: Re-introduced 3-body orbital mechanics when a player is in orbit around a moon, thus allowing the planet’s and star’s gravity to properly affect the ship to stabilize the orbit
Extended: Re-introduced 2-body orbital mechanics when a player is in orbit around a planet, thus allowing the host star’s gravity to properly affect the ship to stabilize the orbit
Extended: With the addition of a 2nd local body, LaGrange points are now possible between moons and their host planet, and planets to their host star
Fixed: It is now possible to place ships in orbit around all bodies, not just the body the player is currently orbiting
Refined: Cleaned mission-generated ship initialization code for current arrival methods
Refined: It’s now possible for the player to start a single mission at any planet/moon in any system (currently hard-coded to default star system) regardless of last-saved location
Refined: As well as at a defined distance from player at a random angle, missions can now start ships at a pre-defined global offset from player (x,y and z)
Refined: Many redundant values have been removed from single mission data format
Refined: It is now possible (although currently hard-coded to the default test system) for ships to begin in orbit around any body in ANY star system
Fixed: Single mission created host flight was skipping 2nd task after arrival
Refined: All current tutorial missions updated, removing no longer used starting data and making use of various new start location data
Potential: Fix for terrestrial planet surface shader on nVidia (owe this one to MLow–THANKS!)
Added: Initial goal completion for single missions (rudimentary implementation)
Added: Single missions can now have any number of goals (rudimentary implementation)
Added: Single missions can now be marked as “critical” to success (rudimentary implementation)
Added: It’s now possible to indicate how many “critical” goals must be completed for single mission success (rudimentary implementation)
Refined: Instead of separate goals, each flight’s tasks can now be marked as a goal (critical or non-critical). Currently tracked task goals are dock and undock
Fixed: When starting up from a “cold” state (launch tutorial) the coolant temps had the potential to max out after coolant pressurization
Refined: Fuel/oxidizer burn rates for fuel cells
Refined: Fuel burn rate for LENR
Fixed: Mission-created ships now have systems assigned to proper location for approximate hit detection
Added: Ability to define equipment bays in ship files (rudimentary: currently name only)
Added: Ability to assign systems to equipment bays
Fixed: Impact for calculation
Fixed: Muzzle force calculation
Fixed: Muzzle velocity correctly based on muzzle force and slug mass
Refined: MTS RCS nozzles can now be individually damaged directly
Refined: LSS scrubbers can now be individually damaged directly
Added: It’s now possible to attempt a forceful external port docking with another ship
Added: “Prime/Reset Emergency Clamp” command binding. When set, if alignment with another ship’s port is within tolerance the emergency clamp will be engaged
Added: “Emergency Clamp Release” command binding. Will immediately release from another ship’s external port when connected by emergency clamp
Fixed: Fuel Cell contaminant build-up calculations
Fixed: Fuel Cell purge rates
Refined: RCM tank #4 now contains Lithium, rather than Argon, which is now used by the MES LENR. This means there’s no longer an Argon reserve tank for MTS
Refined: MES LENR now uses Lithium as its reaction fuel. The nickel rods are “hydrogen-loaded” (as it’s been described).
Refined: RCM, Life Support and coolant tank capacities are now all defined in liters
Refined: MTS propellant burn rates
Fixed: Premature LSS oxygen levels crash
Fixed: Premature crew compartment pressure loss
Fixed: Erroneous “no propellant” mission-end message with power loss
Fixed: Erroneous “no oxygen” mission-end message with power loss
Fixed: It was impossible to save options when trying to set mouse sensitivity to 0.1
Refined: It is now possible to set mouse sensitivity to 2.0. A setting of 1.0 means no sensitivity/no acceleration
Fixed: Fuel cells would overheat when fuel cell was not powered and ship was shut down
Added: Heat pipes added to TMS (PRELIMINARY). Currently, total heat pipe assemblies, and the exposed surface area of each, can be defined in the ship file (to be expanded)
Fixed: Coolant was not isolated from coolant lines when pumped back into the storage tanks
Fixed: Transmission log would not scroll (hit detect was disabled)
Refined: Transmission log now displays messages from newest to oldest
Refined: Disabled and hid scroll bars for Transmission Log after message display re-ordering (will move to a page method later)
Fixed: Orbit data in right mini-HUD would not update when docked
Fixed: The 2nd planet in the test star system was missing a surface shader
Added: Prototype Launcher system (with “programmer art” placeholder)
Added: Prototype dumb fire missile system (with “programmer art” placeholder)
Added: Rudimentary Secondary Weapons System (basic system manager with power usage)
Added: Secondary Weapons munitions manager (handles munitions that have been launched and are in flight)
Added: Secondary Weapons Trigger command binding
Removed: Legacy trigger command bindings
Refined: Secondary Weapon System types, and their loaded munitions, that are recorded in pre-defined ship files are now used if the systems exist
Added: Munitions Manager now properly handles munition detachment force
Added: Munitions now fire engine after ignition delay (so munition can clear the rack)
Added: Munition properly uses fuel, and stops burning when fuel is gone (missiles are currently single-stage only, dual stage NYI)
Added: Munition manage now properly requests and controls missile exhaust VFX during burn
Fixed: Odd ship rotation behavior caused by weapon impacts
Added: Missile mass correctly adjusted as fuel is consumed during burn
Refined: Ship mass is properly adjusted as munitions are launched
Fixed: Locked target does not get lost with distance
Fixed: VMS can now suffer impact-related damage to both system and individual monitors
Fixed: VMS caution light does not extinguish
Fixed: FCS low flow caution light does not extinguish (will now only trigger if shut-off valve is open and flow is low)
Refined: MTS now REQUIRES power from Main bus for super-conductor, helicon and cyclotron
Added: MTS emergency capacitor: allows super-conductor to continue to generate a field for a short time even with total power loss from Main bus. Charges with Main power applied
Fixed: MTS does not draw “power req’d” from Main bus during burn.
Fixed: MTS “power req’d” during burn does not affect system temperature (be mindful of system and coolant temps during extended burns)
Fixed: MTS “enable all nozzles” button would repeatedly toggle with total power failure
Fixed: MTS super-conductor shut-down audio event would get repeatedly triggered with total power failure
Added: GameState.ROG option (not in UI yet) for windowed mode to have a border. Borderless(0 –> default), Bordered(1)
Added: GameState.ROG option (will NOT be in UI) to allow windows of any dimension. Validate window dimension(0), Use any dimensions(1 –> USE WITH CAUTION!)
Added: Destination alarms (“Mid-Point” and “End-Point”) to navigation screen when destination is selected. Will be moved to “Intercept” panel when that is finalized
Added: Can cancel a destination alarm while “primed” or “active”
Fixed: Exterior Port page will properly update after dock or un-dock
Added: Destination alarm goal alert (currently hard-coded for 5000km from destination)
Added: When a Destination Alarm is primed, it will be triggered by the next MTS Boost OR MES FLUX burn
Added: GameStates.ROG option to ignore “Unified Virtual HID” joysticks. Try setting to 1 if RogSys crashes during joystick initialization (if RogSys is working for you, DO NOT CHANGE)
Added: Mission-generated ships can now start with a predetermined rotation
Refined: Mission-generated ships can now start in orbits other than circular
Added: “Navigation” flight task action
Added: Command binding to have player’s character “go to sleep” (using a hard-coded time of 20 minutes for now)
Added: Command binding to have player’s character enter SAN (will use same method as “sleep”, but is currently disabled)
Added: Data structure to handle Sleep/SAN time advance
Added: Celestial body rotation/translation now updated properly during sleep/SAN
Added: ship rotation/translation now updated properly during sleep/SAN
Added: While in sleep/SAN, MES thrust will properly update ship’s velocity (currently ONLY MES thrust is accounted for)
Added: CAW indicator for MES reverse thrust setting
Added: VMS indication for NAS Destination Goal Alarms (Primed, Running, Approaching, and Reached)
Added: While in Sleep/SAN, if within 15000 km of NAS Destination Goal, pilot will be woken up (TEMPORARY)
Refined: NAS Destination Goal alarm will be cleared when goal is reached
Added: Single Mission 1 — Training Platform Rescue
Refined: Tutorial Mission 7 (FLUX Drive Tutorial) — there is now a station located in orbit around planet 3, and each of its 4 moons
Added: AI Test Mission — a single test enemy ship will target the player, and attack. (The AI aiming is far less than good at the moment–preliminary implementation)
Fixed: Zoom would not reset when exiting back to Main Menu

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