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RogSys eAccess Update 1 Now Available!

DCI and ISI are very happy to announce that the first of the planned monthly updates (version eAccess) for Rogue System eAccess has been released. This updates includes a number of fixes and changes based on initial-release feedback from eAccess backers. Likewise, a lot of work was done in an effort to support the ability to travel from one local celestial body to another. This includes the introduction of basic FLUX Drive functionality, various indicators and HUD displays to help visualize velocity vectors, and more auto-pilot modes.

Public relation commitments due to the launch of early access did take up some of the development time; so a couple scheduled items did not make it into the update. I felt it more important to get the update out and establish the idea that I will not allow one or two items to throw off the development schedule. Thus, the items that did not make the update will be worked into the upcoming schedule as time permits.

That said, the ultimate goal for the update–to traverse space from one body to another, and then establish an orbit there–was achieved. I’m very pleased about this as it sets up the foundation for missions that will require extended travel from one location to another.

Finally, a big THANKS to all the folks who have already gotten involved with early access. Already your input has made a large, positive difference in RogSys’ development. I look forward to working closely with the growing RogSys community over the coming months!

Michael Juliano

Download: (Main) | Image Space Inc. (Mirror) – 246MB

After you have it, you can either extract the contents of “Rogue_System” into your current “Rogue_System” install folder, or you can extract to a new location. If you create a “new” install, be sure to copy “GameState.ROG” and “Controls.ROG” (located in “SaveGames/TestGame”) from the old install to the new one.

Your activation information is not stored in the game directory, so will not be affected either way.

Be sure to check the readme for update release notes and known issues.

Here’s the change log for the update:
===================== Version: =====================
* Added: Prograge/Retrograde VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body)
* Added: Normal/Anti-Normal VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body)
* Added: Radial-In/Radial-Out VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body)
* Added: Velocity Vector VMS indicator (relative to target)
* Fixed: Account emails containing a “+” will no longer cause a “User Not Found” error when trying to authorize
* Added: Orbital Prograde/Retrograde attitude alignment modes (preliminary implementation)
* Added: Orbital Normal/Anti-Normal attitude alignment modes (preliminary implementation)
* Added: Orbital Radial-In/Radial-Out attitude alignment modes (preliminary implementation)
* Added: Target Relative Velocity “Prograde”/”Retrograde” attitude alignment mode (preliminary implementation)
* Fixed: Time acceleration was causing improper (low) coolant radiation through radiators
* Fixed: ECS suffered from premature age-related failures
* Fixed: TMS suffered from premature age-related failures
* Refined: FireArc expected lifespan changed to 20 years. Age-related failures (when age multiplier is set to *1.0) should now happen at a believable rate
* Refined: FireArc stowed/deployed radiator surface area data (increased) to help keep coolant stable until Laser Cooling is added
* Fixed: It is no longer possible to “dock” when aligned, but several meters “below” the intended port.
* Refined: When no GameStates.ROG file is present (the current check for a “new install”) RogSys will default to windowed mode, using the default monitor’s resolution
* Refined: Windowed mode is now border-less. This can be used in place of full-screen mode for those who need to tab in and out until Alt-tabbing in full-screen becomes more reliable
* Fixed: Head-tracking should no longer be enabled when “Use Head Tracking” is not set, regardless of what head tracking software may initialize it (requires testing)
* Refined: Pausing TrackIR should now allow the camera to be “frozen” in its current orientation (requires testing)
* Fixed: Screen resolution validation at start-up was not catching invalid settings from GameStates.ROG
* Added: Debug commands to render both interior and exterior collision (will be useful for debugging ship-to-ship collisions)
* Fixed: The seat mode switch should now auto-reset to TO/LAND when seat is un-safed after normal flight
* Removed: “Use Item” key binding
* Added: “Use Item / Rotary Increase / HMD Active” key binding (default left-mouse button)
* Added: “Use Item / Rotary Decrease / HMD Inactive” key binding (default middle-mouse button)
* Refined: For selectors (rotary switches, for example) the new “Use Item” commands can be used to select next and select previous, else either one will press a button
* Refined: The new “Use Item” HMD Active command will make the selected HMD active, AND put it in mouse sync mode immediately
* Refined: The new “Use Item” HMD Inactive command will make the selected HMD inactive, AND take it out of mouse sync mode immediately
* Added: Eccentricity, True Anomaly, and Orbital Period to right mini-HUD “Orbital Data” display.
* Refined: It’s now possible to select a planet from the NAVIGATION HMD display, and zoom to planetary scale to see moons in orbit
* Refined: Both planets AND moons can now be selected as valid destinations
* Fixed: Potential crash bug when predominant gravity well is the system’s primary star
* Added: Orbit data for > 1.0 eccentricities to orbit data Mini-HUD
* Added: “Time To Periapsis” and “Time To Apoapsis” displays on the orbit data Mini-HUD
* Added: Camera zoom TOGGLE binding
* Refined: When the current MTS propellant tank runs dry, the MTS system will auto-select another prop tank if available
* Added: Acceleration vector indicator — displays the “prograde” and “retrograde” of your current acceleration
* Added: “True” Velocity vector — displays the ship’s velocity vector relative to local system
* Refined: LIDAR — the “tracking laser” now loses sight of the locked target when occluded by a local celestial body
* Added: Target “steer to” indicator when target is outside of forward view
* Refined: When using head-tracking, the “look-at” dot now tracks “body” orientation, rather than “head”
* Refined: Windows mouse pointer only visible in Front-End UI. In-Game, the “look-at” dot is used as the pointer (for now). This sets up the ability to use custom pointers…
* Refined: When mouse-look is overridden (using head-tracking, or set when using mouse-look) and the “look-at” dot is used as a pointer, the item pop-up text moves with it
* Fixed: When exiting seat, mouse-look override is disabled (so body can again be “steered” when using head-tracking)
* Added: AP Override key binding — disables all auto-pilot modes (attitude align; pitch, roll and yaw holds) while pressed
* Added: AP Disconnect — deselects all autopilot modes (attitude align; pitch, roll and yaw holds)
* Refined: When switching AP align reference modes, “attitude align allow” is disabled
* Refined: celestial info is now available for selected moons, as well as planets, on HMD NAVIGATION page
* Fixed: Host planet apoapsis and periapsis were being recorded for all child moon data
* Removed: Debug warning when TrackIR is paused for more than 5 seconds. Log file will no longer get spammed
* Refined: If a moon is selected as a destination, the distance line/text will point to host planet when at system display scale
* Refined: When at planetary display scale, the INCOMING destination distance line/text will only be shown if player is located in the same planetary region
* Added: Selected destination text to HMD NAVIGATION page
* Refined: Moved orbit radial and normal vector indicators to NAVIGATION HUD mode
* Added: AI will now deploy/stow their radiators as high and low values are breached (rudimentary implementation)
* Refined: Added emissive glow to training platform radiators. Currently hard-coded at 70% of max glow value for testing (is NOT hooked up to any energy-driven values yet)
* Refined: Added emissive glow to FireArc radiators. Currently hard-coded at 70% of max glow value for testing (is NOT hooked up to any energy-driven values yet)
* Added: VMS HUD destination indicator to NAVIGATION HUD mode
* Added: key-binding to for FLUX Drive reverse thrust
* Added: Linear Acceleration PLACEHOLDERS to left mini-HUD (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
* Refined: Moved the current default player start location to the 1st moon of the 3rd planet. This should allow for quicker testing of the FLUX Drive due to the shortened distances

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