DCIRogue System

More easily traverse space bodies with Update 1!

* Added: Prograge/Retrograde VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body) * Added: Normal/Anti-Normal VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body) * Added: Radial-In/Radial-Out VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body) * Added: Velocity Vector VMS indicator (relative to target) * Fixed: Account emails containing a “+” will no longer cause a “User Not Found” error when trying to […]

It takes a very special sort of game to make this self-imposed sci-fi exile feel nostalgic. Fleet and flavoursome FTL was probably the last title that managed it. Might Rogue System be the next? Read the full article.

Although Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen may have grabbed the headlines and space-cruiser-holds worth of fan’s money, Rogue System is a sleeper space sim that might be just what hardcore space sim fans are really looking for. Read the full Q&A.

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At 0256 UTC on the 21st of July, an estimated 500 million people watch as Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to set foot on a world other than the Earth.
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Michael JulianoSome information on development status, thoughts and thanks as we head into Early Access development of Rogue System.
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