DCIRogue System
eAccess Release — Version

* Initial: First public eAccess release version
* Fixed: Targeting satellite is now functional all the time, and specifically scored during Tutorial 6
* Added: Added safety switch manager, and test safety switches for MTS panel
* Added: MTS superconductor start, loop and end sound events
* Added: Internal audio now muted when using external cameras (plan to add an audio option to adjust this)
* Added: Cockpit art for “FAULT ACK”nowledge function
* Added: WMS panel description to Tutorial 1
* Fixed: Various tutorial message errors
* Added: STC Limiting now safes weapons (temporary implementation)
* Added: Missing geo between FireArc and cockpit module connection
* Added: Mission dorsal and ventral exterior hatches
* Potential: Widened FireArc corridor collions in hopes of fixing rare crash at mission start on SOME nvidia systems
* Added: Missing collision for FireArc crew compartment ladder
* Fixed: Character no longer has large “hitch” in motion when crossing threshold from FireArc to cockpit modules
* Added: “Utilities” sub-folder, and included the OpenAL installer if needed
* Added: Manual fixed weapon convergence (auto-convergence not yet implemented)
* Added: Basic longitudinal axis indicator to VMS HUD
* Refined: When assigning a command to a controller axis, a small centering deadband is added by default. This can be nulled using the axis tweak window after reselecting the bound command
* Added: Audio option to adjust the volume level of interior sound effects when using exterior cameras
* Fixed: Exterior orbit camera not responding to mouse input if entered while in HMD mouse sync
* Fixed: Potential crash bug for objects without motion states

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