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Dev Entry — 03 JUNE, 2015

Hi all,

Well, if you didn’t see already, I delivered eAccess Release Candidate #1 EARLY this morning to ISI for testing. If you don’t know, a Release Candidate is a build that you intend to ship. Testing determines if it can actually be released or not. It is NOT uncommon to go through a few iterations before hitting the bullseye. As it stands, I know for certain there will be a Release Candidate 2 on Mon or Tues of this coming week, as there’s a handful of small additions and fixes I still want to add. If testing clears it, then we can launch. If not, we try again…

What we’re looking for are MAJOR show-stopping bugs–crashes, freezes, etc. So far, the ONLY crash bug I know about is on ONE tester’s system who uses Windows 7 and an nVidia 580 (IIRC). Other testers have similar systems with no issues; so I THINK it’s something in his configuration and not with RogSys directly. I would release with this–the hope being that if others have a similar problem then perhaps some commonality can be found. Otherwise, considering this is early-access, I think it’s perfectly acceptable that there be some minor ship systems bugs, not-yet-finished/implemented features, etc. Not saying I want to release buggy software; but we’re certainly not to the point of a finished product, either.

So, what do we have right now as far as content:
–The prototype FireArc with a fleshed out pilot’s control console.
–Six full tutorial single-missions:
——Basic Maneuvering
——Start-up and Un-docking
——External Docking
——Systems Shut-down
——Sensor and Fixed-Weapon Primer
——An AI testing ground, in which the prototype AI ship is free to target and shoot at you (tentative if I can fix one major bug with it this week)
–The docking trainer platform
–The new targeting drone satellite
— A full compliment of required ship systems in various states of completion
— A proper front-end UI

I can think of two more missions I REALLY want to add before the next RC build; but if they don’t make it I won’t be heart-broken. With a simple .exe update I could easily release some missions in between release and the 1st planned monthly update. Again, there are a handful of items and small fixes I’ll be hammering out in the next few days. Finally, I want to add a few more options for audio, visual and control setup.

IF the next release candidate goes well then the next step is to finalize the installer. That should be a rather straight-forward process for now considering the small build size, and should only take a couple of days at most. Even if I DIDN’T get to the launcher though it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I could release using a simple .rar download as I’ve been doing with the test builds.

So what was done recently? Obviously I built the new targeting satellite. This is basically a large ring (much larger than the docking trainer) that projects a holographic field within the ring. The field can display images and sense when something passes through it. For this I had to add a new ship system: Holographic Projectors. It’s implementation is very rudimentary right now; but I plan on refining and expanding the implementation. I can think of a few cool uses for something like this….

Michael added some new sound events for various MTS modes (as you may have heard from his “audio tour” video). These additions fleshed out the basic sound environment for RogSys. I think the entire soundscape clearly demonstrates not only the intended quality and direction; but also the IMPORTANCE of the audio to the entire package.

Otherwise, the rest of the time went to various small fixes and additions….

As seems to always be the case, reach this new milestone felt like trying to bust through a brick wall. Seemed like just one thing after another kept popping up to try and hold me back. Over the weekend I was honestly pretty frustrated. I had to step away for a day, think about the immediate goals and obstacles, and then I was able to come back and push through.

It also CLEARLY demonstrated the need to get eAccess started. If I had just ONE artist working with me full-time this would have gone SO much smoother. I could have kept coding and let the artist handle things on his/her end. Every new team member will add SO much to what can be accomplished in the coming months. Even a moderately successful eAccess will be such a tremendous boost….

So, with that, I’m going to take a couple hours for myself, and then come back and start hitting this little items HARD….

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