DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Added: Missing control bindings for COMM signal strength selector
* Added: Missing control bindings for various NAS autopilot controls
* Removed: Old commands for boost, emergency boost and combat power. These are all now handled from the MTS mode selector
* Fixed: Launch tutorial script–missing visual cue for MTS ICH enable step
* Fixed: When using HMD mouse sync, clicking an item when the mouse was too close to the left of the screen would cause the HMD pointer to jump to the center screen when it shouldn’t
* Added: Preliminary COMMS search mode. Currently, you can search through a single frequency range, based on the selected channel’s frequency when “SCAN” is activated
* Added: COMMS scan audio. While a scan is running, pressing the SCAN AUDIO button on the COMMS HMD page allows you to hear the scan (frequencies are modulated to audible ranges)
* Added: Preliminary WMS Weapons/Gun Capacitor Control Panel to pilot’s right console.
* Fixed: Orbital data was sometimes not being properly calculated when orbiting smaller bodies
* Fixed: Atmospheric drag was sometimes being calculated when orbiting bodies with no significant atmosphere
* Added: Preliminary HMD “WEAPONS” page

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