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Dev Entry — 22 MAY, 2015

I just finished a fairly large task and thought I’d pop in for a dev update before moving on. Sorry–no video or anything this time. I really don’t have time to put one together ATM.

At this point, if RogSys HAD to go out the door, I think it could. That’s not to say it is. ISI still needs some time on their end to get their infrastructure finished up. That said, they have preliminary layouts for the new RogSys page, tier information page, etc. It won’t be anything fancy I don’t think; but it will be functional.

If you haven’t already seen, I posted the tentative tiers and pricing information. I think there are options that will meet most people’s expectations; and will hopefully allow those who are uncertain to upgrade if/as they become more comfortable with RogSys and the direction it’s taking. You can find that info here: Tentative Tier and Pricing. Again, these are subject to change before early-access begins, though I feel if they did though it would only be small details.

As for actual development. since the last update I’ve been kind of all over the board. Lots of small tweaks and changes, as well as fairly large additions. One thing I have been trying to do is add the remaining missing control panels to the cockpit (at least the primary one). These include the COMMS and NAS panels. The hard control panel for COMMS is pretty rudimentary–just enough to turn the system on and do a few other things. The bulk of its control is handled through the HMD (MFD if you prefer).

While the NAS panel has many auto-pilot mode additions, the only functional ones currently are the Pitch, Roll and Yaw “Stabilizer/Hold” modes. What these do is use whatever thrust mode MTS is set to, and the RCS thrusters, to hold the current attitude. Likewise they also stop the ship’s rotations after you’ve released the flight control. Again, if NAS is damaged/destroyed, then you’re on your own.

Another addition has been the single missions tutorials, which will be all that RogSys’ early-access starts with. Again, I’m making no contention that there will be a lot of gameplay at first–don’t want to mislead anyone with that. That said, here is the list of tutorial missions thus far:

Introduction: Basic controls, character movement, etc
Basic Maneuvering: An overview of the flight controls, auto-pilot, and MTS.
Launch: A manual start-up (based on current system configuration) and un-docking from an external port. Basics of STC communications
Docking: A manual approach and docking. Basics of ST Approach communications.
Shut-Down: A manual shut-down (based on the current system configuration)

The only one I really think NEEDS to be added still is a basic weapons tutorial against a target drone in very high orbit. I’m going to try and knock this out this coming week (will probably take it easy on Monday and do some modeling and texturing work for it). I also want to spend a couple days and make the tutorial condition checking a bit more robust. That said, the current tutorials are fully scripted and the general consensus is they are nice to run through.

There is a shader bug on nVidia cards concerning Earth-like planets, but it’s not a show-stopper (just doesn’t look exactly pretty sometimes). I’m not sure if I’m going to worry about it because one of the first updates is going to be a big change to planetary shaders. Right now, their noise generators run every frame, which obviously isn’t too efficient. If I can run them once when the prog starts and create textures then everything is much more standard after that. I think I can just about DOUBLE FPS from just this one change.

I just added a new COMMS function that I don’t want to discuss. I’ll let you discover it for yourself. It’s very preliminary right now, but it has some great gameplay potential. And, although very 1st-pass, Michael has done some cool sound design for it.

Finally, if at all possible, I want to add a few more video/gameplay options to the front-end UI. Again, not show-stopper; but certainly would be nice to have in. To go along with this UI work, I’d like to do some navigation HUD stuff, too.

So, other than the one mission I still REALLY want to add, we are down to what I would say are non-critical items. These are things that would obviously be great to have now; but nothing that couldn’t wait for the first couple of updates if needed.

So with that, I’m going to break for dinner, and then get back to it. This weekend I want to add the weapons panel and HMD page in preparation for next week target drone work. As always, comments and questions are always welcomed. Otherwise, for those in the USA, I hope you have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

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