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Tentative (read: not yet final) Early Access Tiers

I wanted to go ahead and post this for you all who visit the forums normally. These are the TENTATIVE tiers and pricing for Early Access as they stand right now. It’s an improvement on the original plan, and is probably very close to final.

I say again, these can change between now and release. So far though, we (I and ISI) are comfortable with them. All pricing is in USD….

Early-Access ($10) — grants you access to the Rogue System Core Module (CM) ONLY during the early-access phase of development. This will give you a chance to try RogSys and follow its development to see if it is/becomes something you’re truly interested in. You can upgrade to any of the following tiers at any time during the early-access period and would be given a $10 credit toward the upgrade.

Core Module ($30) — access to RogSys CM throughout early-access and final testing phases. You will receive:
–the release version of the Core Module (digital download only)
–a Core Module “backers” decal for your ship, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).

Special Edition ($60) — everything from the CM tier, plus:
–the three planned expansion modules ($15 each if purchased separately) when available
–all mission/campaign packs that may be released in the future
–your ships will have a Special Edition “backers” decal, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).
–you will have access to a private “Backers” forum for more direct input during development.

Boxed Edition ($150) — everything from the Special Edition tier. Plus:
–a boxed edition of the RogSys CM (in a REAL box ). The box will contain:
–the RogSys CM on DVD (using online activation)
–schematics of both fly-able ships (THREE if early-access performs well) in poster form
–a full, (most likely ring-bound) flight manual.
–If it can be arranged, the RogSys soundtrack will also be included on the DVD
–your name will be added to the NPC naming database
–your ships will have the Boxed Edition “backers” decal, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).

Premium Boxed Edition ($300) — everything from the Boxed Edition tier. Plus:
–additional box contents:
–RogSys t-shirt (style to-be-announced) (suggested alternate items: plaque, flight-pin)
–paperback version of RogSys back-story novella
–Name a Star System (certain restrictions will apply)
–first twenty (20) will have their names and likenesses (on your approval) used for the other squadrons’ pilots (instead of the NPC naming database).
–your ships will have the Premium Boxed Edition “backers” decal, view-able in multi-player (when available and installed).

And, the typical legal stuff:
–All physical items will be delivered on a when-available basis.
–Refunds will NOT be available for early-access purchases, as development will depend on these funds. If you are at all uncomfortable with this, please do not participate in early-access. A demo will be available for you to try for free after release of the Core Module
–Early-Access software is just that–early-access. Not all features are available, and there WILL be bugs. Neither DCI or ISI make any guarantees that Rogue System will be usable while in early-access (but of course we will make every effort for it to be).

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed, and I will certainly take them into consideration.

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