DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Fixed: Predator data file to correct odd MES positioning
* Fixed: Predator data file to properly position and align MTS thrusters and exterior port
* Added: Visual fx objects for Predator thrusters
* Fixed: Predator pre-def file to properly allow referenced MTS system to validate
* Fixed: Predator test ship now attacks, and maneuvers around, the player’s ship again
* Added: New sound events for exterior port connect/disconnect
* Added: New Umbilical attach/detach sound loop event
* Added: New STC communications after docking complete
* Fixed: player’s ship icon was not visible on HMD Navigation screen
* Added: New sound events for MTS “STC Limiter” (cold-gas) thrust mode
* Refined: MTS Panel. Removed unused buttons and added a selector for various Plasma Thrust modes. Also added a button to enable Cold Gas thrust.
* Refined: MTS control color coding.
* Fixed: Life Support System (LSS) now pressurizes the cabin properly
* Fixed: Player’s avatar and other character will now inhale/exhale proper amounts of atmosphere.
* Fixed: LSS scrubbers now properly remove the atmosphere of exhaled waste element (Carbon Dioxide unless otherwise noted in species file).
* Added: Boost Deflector button on MTS Panel
* Refined: CSSM Panel. Removed HMD and EFD buttons, and added controls for landing skids, nav/formation lights, FLASH (NYI), docking port lights, and external flood lights
* Added: COMMS Panel. System enable, transmitter enable, and signal strength selector (and all functional code)
* Update: Intro and Launch scripts to reference new controls
* Fixed: Various spelling errors in tutorial scripts
* Refined: Launch tutorial now does not reference the MTS “Ignite” button until you are allowed to interact with it.
* Refined: ECS Panel to reflect currently not-needed electrical supply modes.

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