DCIRogue System
Audio Entry — 12 May, 2015


After five failed attempts at docking I managed to record a no commentary video to showcase some of the sound design involved. It’s a bit of a long video because I’m not that great at it. Scott told me that I hit the station pretty hard at the end and actually displaced it, well I connected at least! So if interested please watch and let me know what you think.

The various signaling you hear in the video represents a few aspects; we’re communicating relative distance, roll, yaw, pitch, height and positioning to target through audio. We’re generating two tones which scale in pitch and also pulsate secondary to a pinging proximity sensor. In practice I’ve found it to be very useful, I’m able to keep an eye on one area of the display whilst being able to hear if other axis are drifting out of alignment.

Another aspect I want to showcase are the Cold Gas thrusters, for this I went with a more mechanical and familiar sound set, I think it works well in principle and I’ll most likely end up integrating some of these types of sounds into the normal thrust modes to help ground them.

As always it’s all work in progress, I’m sure a lot of these sounds will change during development.



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