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Dev Entry — 09 May, 15

It’s a little after 1:30 AM, so I thought I’d jump on real quick and post a new dev entry before heading off to bed (earlier tonight than usual ).

As I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty much down to a list of critical items that I feel NEED to be done before I could let the thing go “out the door”. Obviously, finishing up the tutorials is high on the list. So far there is an introductory tutorial, which gives you a general overview of RogSys and basic control mechanics. There’s a Launch tutorial–this covers a basic manual start-up (with the current implemented systems) and an un-dock from the training platform’s external port. The third tutorial finished is for docking to an external port. This includes working with the COMMS system and communicating with STC, along with the actual docking itself. I still want to add a manual shut-down tutorial, and something to discuss the basics of the weapon system and maybe some target practice. While obviously not a tremendous amount of gameplay, I feel these would be enough to give people a feel for what RogSys is trying to do.

I THINK/HOPE that the people who join the early-access program will realize we’re just at the beginning stages of adding gameplay and therefore will keep their expectations in check. I’m certainly not claiming anything to the contrary; and we plan on making that fact very clear before the purchase whatever tier is opted. Now, all that said, I find it interesting how even I, who works with RogSys every day, can lose an hour easily just flying around the station, trying to break things, or just seeing “what happens if”. So, I hope that this sort of thing will keep people busy for the first few weeks until the updates start coming.

Regardless, after the two remaining tutorials that MUST be done, I will continue to add scenarios until we release the first E-A build.

I started adding orbital data to the main HUD. This shows current apoapsis, periapsis, zenith angle, altitude above mean sea level and orbital velocity for the primary body you are being influenced by. This is all updated real time as you maneuver. I still want to add a few more items, such as time to apoapsis and periapsis, etc.

Also, I’ve been adding some mission ending conditions. Until all the fancy visual effects and reactions are in (plasma trails during reentry, your ship exploding from a catastrophic failure–that sort of thing) I have to fall back on displaying a message that a mission-ending condition exists. It’s certainly not what I WANT, but until I have time to get the proper effects put in it will have to do. At least I’m able to catch the conditions now, which means the fundamental elements are working properly…

Michael has been kind enough to continue to provide new sound events when able. For example, I just added a new mode to MTS for use in and around stations. This needed a completely new set of sounds, and Michael delivered. He also provided a VERY cool sound event for “Localizer” audio which provides excellent feedback during docking maneuvers.

Otherwise, the remaining items are relatively small. These include things like new HMD pages, adding the remaining manual control panels to the pilot’s consoles, some additions to key binding assignments, etc. I also want to enhance the tutorial system a bit more. That said, there’s nothing major left to do. Well, there IS obviously; but I mean nothing major left for the first E-A release. Basically, all I’m trying to do is polish up what is currently available and make it as bug-free as possible. I should have all these items done in the next couple of weeks.

What we’d be waiting for then from that point is for ISI to finish the early-access website, which will provide information about RogSys (what it is, where it’s at, and where we want to go), lists the available tiers and what they offer, explain how funds will go directly towards development, and obviously allow people to purchase a tier. One of the folks over there has been working on some visual dressing for it, while another is currently getting the thing up and running. There’s really not much I can do concerning this–I just have to trust them to get things done. Everything seems to be progressing smoothly, so I think it’s in good hands.

Lastly, there’s going to be a series of video guides to go along with the release. These are being worked on over the next few weeks, and will be updated as things progress. Of course I’ll be happy to have people do their own vids and give those a shout-out on twitter and such; but I think it’s also very important to be able to link people to a single “official” source of video material right from the start.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for you patience and understanding. I know it’s been a long wait for this thing, and I want you all to know I appreciate your sticking with me for so long. It means a great deal to me, really….

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