DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Fixed: Tutorial complete confirmation would sometimes not appear
* Added: New localizer sound event
* Refined: Proximity Alert sound event — now fires whenever player’s ship is within 0.2 km of another
* Added: Previous COMMS transmissions log sub-page to COMMS HMD page
* Refined: Control Setup Page UI updated to match other Main Menu UI
* Added: VMS key bindings to Control Setup UI
* Added: End of mission (EOM) check for no fuel remaining
* Added: End of mission (EOM) check for no oxygen remaining
* Added: End of mission (EOM) check for minimum-safe altitude breached (currently set at 40km)
* Added: End of mission (EOM) check for hull over-g
* Added: End of mission (EOM) check for hull over-temp
* Added: End of mission (EOM) check for ECS total failure
* Revised: Atmospheric density calculation
* Added: Code to determine current orbital zenith angle, apoapsis and periapsis
* Added: Code to update VMS Orbital Data HUD with current altitude above mean sea level in km (KAMSL), apoapsis, periapsis, orbital velocity (relative to host), and zenith angle
* Added: Tutorial 3: Exterior Port Docking
* Revised: Script for tutorial 2 to reflect addition of “previous transmissions” log
* Fixed: Radiators not deployed when ships begin mission with all systems running
* Fixed: HVAC cabin heaters not heating when needed
* Added: Preliminary STC Approach messages providing instruction at various ranges during docking approach
* Fixed: Crash bug when contact made between two docking ports

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