DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Added: When docking externally, when the connection is made, the “impact” force of the connecting ship is applied to the new host ship
* Fixed: Orbit/chase camera not aligning properly when view mode is activated
* Added: Static ship cameras. Ship hulls can now have static exterior cameras. Four example cameras added to FireArc
* Added: Key binding to cycle through exterior static cameras
* Added: Throttles set to 0.0 until controls are first moved. Avoids unintentional throttle input when controller axes don’t initialize to their current values
* Fixed: Missing interior lighting FX for cockpit module
* Revised: Thrust lag calculations. Lag should be decreased, but is not instantaneous
* Fixed: Potential crash bug/memory leak in COMMS Menu handling code
* Fixed: Bug in orbital velocity calculation for ships being created around planets
* Added: Tutorial messages can now be held until the ‘Use Item” command is “pressed”. This allows the player to read at their own pace
* Added: Tutorial 1: Introduction to Rogue System and the FireArc
* Added: Mission Complete Confirmation–when a tutorial is completed this allows the player to exit to Main or continue the mission
* Added: Mission Fail Confirmation–when something catastrophic occurs this alerts the player and then returns to Main
* Added: PRELIMINARY Atmospheric model, from exosphere down to sea level. Density and pressure increase exponentially as altitude decreases (based on Earth value)
* Added: PRELIMINARY Atmospheric drag. As ship moves through atmosphere drag reduces velocity. Bled kenetic energy is converted to heat
* Added: PRELIMINARY method to define atmospheric thickness and “sea level” density for planets/moons
* Added: Ability to derive ship’s velocity relative to the current orbital host from ship’s true velocity relative to local star system
* Refined: MTS Docking Limiter Mode — Now uses a cold gas thruster, thus mode can be enabled with MTS power only (does not need to be ignited). Works at half-thrust when injector disabled.
* Refined: Ships created to fill mission slots will have fuel cells enabled, but not operating. Fuel cells are back-up power supplies, not needed under normal operating conditions.
* Refined: Power supplied from LENR to Primary and Secondary electrical buses slightly increased.
* Fixed: Serious bug with STC departure logic
* Fixed: World camera roots bug when disconnecting from another ship
* Added: STC communications to let declare departure frequencies
* Added: STC communication to announce when a ship has exited STC Limiting range

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