DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

–on the main MFD, press “DISPLAYS”, VMS, turn VMS on and set the mode to Docking–you should get a front view, and the HUD should be active in Docking mode…
–Press tab to bring up COMMS menu
–send on an open channel
–send local, not focused, message to local STC (there’s only one in the area, so no worries)
–when they respond, send to them again and state your intentions to approach.
–they will respond with the direct frequency for STC approach
–on the main MFD (HMD), select “communications”, select channel 2 (you have three total), type in the freq with the onscreen keypad, and press set
–using a private channel, contact STC approach and check in
–once cleared, contact them again and request dock
–they will respond with the localizer frequency for the port they want you to connect with–enter that on channel 3, and press “Set LOC” to make it the active localizer
–now, go to the EA/D Ports page and select one of your exterior collars (one is already being used for the cockpit module)
–When the localizer is set, as is your selected port, the Docking HUD will read “* VALID *”–you’re getting good data
–use the display to align with the station’s collar–it takes time and PRACTICE to do this manually
–if you get within 0.03 meters of the collar, and are aligned properly, you will get connection–you are now docked with the station
–if you miss, don’t worry–ship to ship collision is currently disabled

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