DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Added: Bindings are now “limited” based on the expected input type (button/key-only, axis-only)
* Added: UI messages to unassigned bindings indicating what input type is expected
* Added: When assigning command bindings, disallowed inputs are ignored
* Added: Griffen A1-OBT (OrBital Training) platform. This will be used for Early-Access tutorial missions (docking, un-docking, orbital rendevous, etc)
* Added: New ship hull surface shader. Features include exterior lighting effects and customizable paint color.
* Added: Ship-Hull System file for A1-OBT
* Added: New pre-defined ship file for A1-OBT
* Added: Preliminary single mission file for the Start-Up/Un-Docking tutorial mission
* Re-Activated: Exterior ship hull lighting systems (flood, nav/formation, docking, and Laser Cooling emissions)
* Fixed: Physics bug that was causing excessive variations in orbital trajectories between ships with identical orbital profiles. Orbital syncronization now possible
* Fixed: Potential crash bug when a ship without a weapons system achieved lock on a target
* Revised: Updated launcher was delivered from ISI and implemented (thanks Dan and Jonathon)
* Added: Current Message-of-the-Day (MOTD) text, which is received via ISI’s launcher, is now display in the Main Menu’s MOTD window
* Revised: It’s now be possible for the player’s ship to have any orientation at mission start (mainly required when player’s ship is docked at start)
* Added: Player’s ship can now be externally docked at the start of a single mission
* Re-Activated: Player’s ship can begin a single mission totally shut down
* Added: “all systems up”, “all systems down”, and “individual systems up” ship start modes for single missions
* Added: Core system “Emergency” mode. As long as a battery has a charge, and the ship is unsecured, power will be supplied to critical systems.
* Revised: Seats, Hatches, interior emergency lighting, exterior formation lighting, and instrument lighting all added to “Emergency Mode” control
* Revised: System instrument displays, HMDs, and CAW indicator panels all now properly turn on and off based on CSM enable state. Will read “INITIALIZE” when CSM is starting up.
* Revised: Caution and Warning (CAW) system now slaved to CSM enable state.
* Fixed: Alert tones would not fire again if a new system fault condition was detected.
* Fixed: Potential audio memory leak
* Added: basic STC logic for externally docked ships requesting departure
* Added: Ability for externally (at collar) docked ship to undock from host
* Added: Repair and recovery time for external collars after a docked ship departs
* Added: Preliminary sounds for radiator when it reaches both deployed and stowed positions
* Added: Placeholder sound for external docking collar decouple

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