DCIRogue System

* Added: When docking externally, when the connection is made, the “impact” force of the connecting ship is applied to the new host ship * Fixed: Orbit/chase camera not aligning properly when view mode is activated * Added: Static ship cameras. Ship hulls can now have static exterior cameras. Four example cameras added to FireArc […]

Docking needs a HUD… Docking needs Comms…

–on the main MFD, press “DISPLAYS”, VMS, turn VMS on and set the mode to Docking–you should get a front view, and the HUD should be active in Docking mode… –Press tab to bring up COMMS menu –send on an open channel –send local, not focused, message to local STC (there’s only one in the […]

The challenge of allowing you to dock to an external collar…

* Added: Bindings are now “limited” based on the expected input type (button/key-only, axis-only) * Added: UI messages to unassigned bindings indicating what input type is expected * Added: When assigning command bindings, disallowed inputs are ignored * Added: Griffen A1-OBT (OrBital Training) platform. This will be used for Early-Access tutorial missions (docking, un-docking, orbital […]

Hi all, I recently did an impromptu live-stream interview with Bluedrake42. He had some technical difficulties early on–the interview begins at the 29:00 minute mark if you want to jump ahead. Turns out the technical issues and intermittent low FPS was due to a conflict with the recording software he was using. Here’s a link: […]

We cover the engine updates and began tutorials.

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