DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Fixed: from time to time some ship objects would gymbol lock when rotating. Implemented a fix for this
* Added: preliminary tutorial script format
* Added: preliminary tutorial manager for single missions
* Added: UI to display tutorial messages
* Fixed: mouse flickering when pointer is unbound from mouse-look
* Fixed: mission description is properly displayed for each selected mission (Single Mission UI)
* Added: icon to draw player’s attention to tutorial-referenced items
* Revised: when using head tracking (Track-IR, etc) the mouse should now drive both the body pitch and yaw (as with normal mouse-look), and head-tracking will add to this (simulate head turning)
* Fixed: you can now properly bind axes and buttons from all connected controllers
* Added: button and key bindings for flight control commands (pitch up/down, roll left/right, yaw left/right, MTS and MES throttle increase/decrease)
* Added: bindings to allow an axis to be used for both character movement and look (this allows you to use a gamepad thumbstick for FPS control)
* Fixed: On some nVidia cards, the in-game UI (debug console, COMMS menu, etc) was opaque rather than transparent
* Added: New, preliminary sound events for seat, seat restraint, and seat console motion
* Fixed: TrackIR setting should no longer “un-set” each time RogSys is started
* Fixed: Controller name and assigned axis are now properly displayed with Axis Tweak Panel
* Removed: Cockpit hatch open/close button to limit chances of falling out of cockpit.
* Fixed: Fuel Cell fuel burn rate
* Revised: LENR fuel burn rate
* Revised: LENR power distibution rate to system buses
* Fixed: TrackIR x and y position axes are no longer inverted (PLEASE VERIFY)
* Added: UI widget to enable/disable single mission tutorials (on Single Mission page), if a mission HAS an available tutorial
* Revised: Weapon sound events — still considered WIP
* Fixed: TMS “stow” and “deploy” lights now display caution color while in transit
* Revised: VMS “anti-fog” and “polarizer” are enabled by default when the system is enabled.

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