DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Fixed: Star glare is now properly occluded by other celestial bodies
* Fixed: Scanned traces/targets are lost if there is a celestial body between them and the scanning ship
* Added: Exterior star light is occluded when blocked by a celestial body
* Fixed: random 5-10 second delay when (seemingly) the enemy fighter would spawn. This was more all-encomposing, and the fix decreased initial load time by about 6 seconds
* Revised: Method used to test for celestial body occlusion
* Revised: Front-End UI (Main Menu) now disassociated from in-game data, except for celestial background (uses star system player was in when last saved)
* Revised: Main Menu now has proper background
* Added: When moving to and from in-game, background now fades to black for a smoother transition
* Added: Ability to have single missions that have nothing to do with data from career mode
* Added: Main Menu UI to select a single mission and fly it (only one mission currently)
* Added: Ability for player to select and fly any ship, in any flight, of single missions as long as they are tagged to allow the player to do so
* Fixed: Bug that was causing test enemy AI to lose power after a time
* Added: Ability for a mission spawned ship to have ship modules (cockpits, escape pods) docked with it when spawned
* Added: Pre-defined ship files for the Fire-Arc and CSP3 cockpit module
* Fixed: A potential crash bugs when creating new HMD displays as player moves from ship to ship
* Revised: Foreground composite shader now allows image to fade to black
* Revised: Background composite shader now allows for celestial layer-only rendering
* Fixed: Tracking HUD elements now orient properly to the camera

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