DCIRogue System
Internal Build Notes

* Revision: MTS thrust and boost sounds have been updated
* Added: Simulation now pauses when the in-flight (ESC) menu is opened
* Confirmed: Control setup menu can now safely be accessed from ESC(pause) menu
* Added: Volume controls to Front-End Audio Options UI (currently only Master Volume actually affects in-game volume level though)
* Fixed: a rare crash when player would select a seat to sit in
* Fixed: a bug that would cause MTS audio to sometimes ‘pop’ and cut out
* Added: MTS damage reaction code
* Fixed: MTS “required power” and “required fuel” indications no longer affected by variations in framerate
* Revised: Did a full revision of MTS system code to work better in response to new damage code
* Added: MTS Caution & Warning indicators
* fixed: g-induced head motion is no longed affected by variations in framerate
* Added: Caution and Warning, and Ship Management sub-menu buttons to temp control setup UI
* Added: command bindings for Caution And Warning “Fault Acknowledge” and “Audio Suppress”
* Added: command bindings in “Miscellaneous” for time acceleration increase and decrease (up to x4 acceleration)
* Added: command binding for MTS “Combat Power Mode”
* Added: command binding for MTS “Auto-Idle Enable/Disable”
* Added: command binding for MTS “nozzle limiter”
* Revised: GSI-CSP3 cockpit module — fore/aft motion on pilot’s left stick now reflects boost thrust input, rather than MES thrust input
* Added: Main UI option to attempt use of Head Tracking hardware
* Added: Main UI option for mouse sensitivity while walking (FPS mode)
* Added: Main UI option for mouse sensitivity while seated (STATION mode)
* Added: Main UI option for mouse sensitivity while zoomed
* Added: Main UI option for normal FOV
* Added: Main UI option for zoomed FOV
* Possible fix: enemy AI prematurely running out of power
* Added: audio events for MTS ignition
* Fixed: a potential, UI-induced, crash-on-exit bug
* Added: command binding in “Miscellaneous” to disable head-tracking in the event it is enabled falsely
* Fixed: Main Menu UI background is now properly semi-transparent in fullscreen mode

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