DCIRogue System

* Implemented: New Visual FX manager * Added: MTS RCS nozzle VFX (1st pass) * Added: MTS Boost nozzle VFX (1st pass) * Added: MTS Boost Deflector nozzle VFX (1st pass) * Added: Ability to return to the Main Menu via the in-flight ESC menu * Added: basic armor impact VFX (1st pass)

* Fixed: from time to time some ship objects would gymbol lock when rotating. Implemented a fix for this * Added: preliminary tutorial script format * Added: preliminary tutorial manager for single missions * Added: UI to display tutorial messages * Fixed: mouse flickering when pointer is unbound from mouse-look * Fixed: mission description is […]

* Fixed: Star glare is now properly occluded by other celestial bodies * Fixed: Scanned traces/targets are lost if there is a celestial body between them and the scanning ship * Added: Exterior star light is occluded when blocked by a celestial body * Fixed: random 5-10 second delay when (seemingly) the enemy fighter would […]

* Revision: MTS thrust and boost sounds have been updated * Added: Simulation now pauses when the in-flight (ESC) menu is opened * Confirmed: Control setup menu can now safely be accessed from ESC(pause) menu * Added: Volume controls to Front-End Audio Options UI (currently only Master Volume actually affects in-game volume level though) * […]

This first internal test release is predominantly for compatibility testing with various hardware configurations. If there are any crashes, hangs or freezes (particularly at start up and shut down) please note your specific hardware, and include the last line of RogSys.LOG (text file) when reporting the issue. Actual gameplay making use of the underlying tech […]

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