DCIRogue System

Ship-to-ship collisions!

Refined: It is now possible to double up keyboard key bindings based on mode (eg. “W” can now be “walk forward” while in FPS mode AND “translate forward” while in pilot’s seat) Refined: It is now possible to assign one controller (joystick, gamepad) button as a modifier. This allows controller buttons to have two bindings […]

Large art update for Flying Fox!

Fixed: Inverted Aft exterior towing collar on Flying Fox Added: Ability for stations to transmit audio services (eg. music channels, local information [ATIS-like]), etc. Added: Test streaming music channel for all stations Refined: Frequency audio degrades at range, eventually being replaced by signal noise Refined: Frequency scans will not be able to lock onto a […]

Use the Flux Drive to transfer bodies with the XFER Panel!

Refined: Updated current shaders to work with latest Leadwerks changes (including new decal system) Refined: Audio for MTS system Refined: Overall sound internal sound Updated: ISI Launcher has been updated. Should fix rare case where some players could not authorize RogSys on their machines. Added: When using mouse look, the Y axis (up/down) can now […]

Suspended animation, missiles and more in Update 2!

Fixed: When orbiting inner moons, ship orbits would quickly deteriorate Extended: Re-introduced 3-body orbital mechanics when a player is in orbit around a moon, thus allowing the planet’s and star’s gravity to properly affect the ship to stabilize the orbit Extended: Re-introduced 2-body orbital mechanics when a player is in orbit around a planet, thus […]

More easily traverse space bodies with Update 1!

* Added: Prograge/Retrograde VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body) * Added: Normal/Anti-Normal VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body) * Added: Radial-In/Radial-Out VMS indicators (relative to orbiting body) * Added: Velocity Vector VMS indicator (relative to target) * Fixed: Account emails containing a “+” will no longer cause a “User Not Found” error when trying to […]

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