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Dev Entry 6/30/14

Hi all,

Sorry, meant to post this week’s update yesterday–got tied up with some other projects and lost track of time. We had a good week. As I mentioned in my last entry, FMOD Studio events are now being loaded and triggered for play back. Spatial 3D is working well. On Saturday I hooked up a few more event triggers so now every switch and knob on the pilot’s console has some sort of audio feedback. Hopefully later today Michael will get me some test sounds for the battery system. This is important because it will allow me the ability to set up the foundation for a ship’s sound environment.

Without going into too much detail, the sounds you’ll hear when your ship is up an running are very dynamic. They’ll change based on several factors. A pilot that is VERY familiar with their ship will be able to walk around/within it and know if something is working properly, or if at all.

I also spent a lot of time last week revising the collision shapes for the FireArc and station interiors and exteriors. FPS movement is much cleaner as a result. It also pinpointed a few flaws in the basic character controller that comes with Leadwerks. While good enough for now, it IS on the to-do list to fully development a character controller for RogSys. Once implemented, it will be an ongoing process to get it working exactly how I want. While I set up a test version in a few days, a character controller that handles properly takes time and is very difficult to achieve. Again though, what we have is good for the early Alpha versions.

I also finished exporting the geometry for the station interior; so now there aren’t as many holes that you can see through. The only thing missing really are the doors and such. Those will be added next month when I’m working on docking management code.

Finally, I added a VERY quick and dirty version of the FPS UI. This includes a center “look at” dot (so I can now hide the ugly mouse cursor). I also got the “look at” help text working again. This displays a small bit of text just under the centering dot that describes any valid object you can interact with (console switch, valid seats you can sit down in, etc). This will be optioned so you can turn it off; but it’s HUGELY helpful when you’re first getting familiar with the cockpit controls.

Just FYI, since I’m on the subject, when you’re in head tracking mode (Track IR, etc), you’ll have the option (as I displayed in the early prototype videos) when sitting at a station to have the mouse be visible so you can look in one direction and click a switch in another.

Otherwise, there’s still a couple things I need to finish up today to close out the month. Tomorrow I begin normal uninterrupted milestone schedules again; so you can expect the milestone review videos to begin at the end of July. I’m really looking forward to July’s work. I recall the first time I started “talking” with Space Traffic Control in the prototype and how it suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone out there. I’m anxious to get back to that….

By the way (in case I missed responding to an email or two), I’ve had a few requests for early press release versions. While I’d love to be able to accommodate, I feel that doing so right now would not be productive. Because of various issues during the beginning of the year (engine change, etc) a lot of gameplay-related content and code had to be rescheduled. When I do start to give out early preview versions I really want there to be SOMETHING to do so there is a general idea of what players can expect. While I’m working hard to get those assets in, I’m not going to get sloppy either. As it stands, the first Alpha version may very well be the first press version. So, long story short, I appreciate your patience during this time; and thank you for understanding that I won’t rush things just to get a bit of publicity.

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