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Dev Entry 6/22/14

And…. we’re back

Well, we actually got back midday on Thursday, but after a 19-hour drive I was pretty wiped out. That said, it was a great break. We did a LOT of mountain hiking. One trek in particular took the daughters and me (on Father’s Day) all day. We started out at 8:00 AM and didn’t get back until 5:30PM. It was a 5 mile hike out (beginning at 8k feet above seal level and ending at 10K) until we reached the base of Estes Cone mountain. From there we hiked up another 1000 feet in less than a half mile to the peak (inclinations between 40 and 60 degrees). After lunch up there we hiked back down and returned to the YMCA. In all it was 13.2 miles. Here’s a shot (from google) of Estes Cone:


We also did 3 hours on horseback out to an area called Beaver Meadow. The rest of the time was spent just relaxing, doing some shopping in Estes Park, and other typical vacation activities. Angel already posted a few shots to her FB page, and will probably post a few more in the next couple of days. I’ll post a few links if anyone is interested…

As far as RogSys goes: yes I did go over the schedule with a fine-toothed comb and was pleasantly surprised that the engine change, when all is said and done, will only have thrown things off by a month. That said, I will be on a tight schedule from here until the first Alpha release at the beginning of the year; but it’s do-able. For the remainder of this month I’ll be doing work on the station interior (filling holes, placing proper collision, lighting, etc) and some other small tasks.

Things really ramp up in July. I’ll be working on ship-to-ship communications, Space Traffic Control (handling arrival and departure requests), and getting the cockpit view port monitor system back up and running.

Oh, yes–this weekend Michael and I worked through some data structure issues for the sound implementation. Once done, he was able to build some sound banks using FMOD Studio, which I was then able to load and reference in code. The culmination of this was the ability to play the sound events for the opening and closing of the strike fighter’s entry platform (got it working just an hour ago). This occurs in spatial 3D and is quite nice with a 5.1 setup. So, now that the basic functionality is there we can begin building up RogSys’ sound environment. We have some great ideas–if they all work out a ship’s soundscape will be very dynamic and informative.

More to come…

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