DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 6/5/14

Well, I thought I’d check in early, as this is the last chance I’ll probably have to write for the next few days. Busy weekend coming up–trip to get ready for, oldest daughter graduates HS on Sat (top 15%–FAR better than I ever did ), and so on…

Sadly, Noesis GUI threw me a curve ball over the weekend and well into Tuesday. I just could NOT get the UI command list to update properly. I like Noesis–it’s very flexible. The problem is that all that flexibility seems to have made the API just a bit convoluted. It just felt overly-complicated…. I FINALLY got it working late Tuesday night.

Once I understood how the engine worked though, the rest came very quickly. I’m happy to say that I have the preliminary controller UI working. It’s possible to clear old bindings, assign new bindings, and undo. As expected, clicking “Cancel” reverts to the previous bindings. Clicking “Save” causes the current bindings to be saved to a backup file, and a new bindings file to be created; and then all the controller databases get rebuilt so they use the new bindings. To be sure, there are some obvious changes that will smooth out the process of setting up your controls, but the basics work splendidly. ANY controller device (joysticks, gamepads, even track balls) can have commands bound to them, along with mouse buttons and keyboard keys. It will be more than enough for the first Alpha…

This means that tomorrow morning I’ll be shipping the first build off to ISI. So, goal achieved (albeit a couple days late)….

And that’s about it for now. As I said, while I’m out of town I have scheduling work to do (do that at night after the mountain air puts everyone else to sleep). When I get back, I hit the ground running. First up will most likely be communications and Space Traffic Control AI. I’ll also finish dressing out the station hangar, adding lights, etc. That will take up the rest of June. From there is navigation and weapons; and then it’s time to start fighting things.

Take it easy….

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