DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 5/29/14

Made some progress on the UI front. After giving myself a crash-course in XAML I was able to put together a rather ugly version of my control setup UI. Getting it to finally render was a different story–had to fuss around a bit with linking in Noesis GUI and the Leadwerks wrapper for it. I beat it to submission though and was able to get this shot from ingame:


Now I just need to code up a UI manager to control which page to display, and when, etc.; and then add some game code so clicking on buttons and such actually DOES something As always though, getting everything linked, built and rendering properly is the hard part. The rest should come easier now….

I’m fairly happy now–I was about a week behind due to MTS and flight physics taking longer than I’d hoped. Getting this UI up and running so quickly bought me back a bunch of days. If I can have it all working by the end of the weekend I’ll be right back on schedule (minus the two months for the engine change). Very important, because I want to get ISI their first build by end of next week–the goal for which being able to set up controls locally via UI, and the ability to fly.

It’s a very big milestone for RogSys really. For the publisher to be able to have something “in hand” that they can actually try out for themselves is a confidence booster (for both them and me). Videos are helpful; but they’re never as good as the real thing. You understand–if you had the choice between vids and the actual game, you’d take the actual game

So, assuming all goes well, next week I’ll deliver that milestone. After that, I’m taking a few days off and taking the family back to Estes Park, CO for an early summer vacation (some hiking, horseback riding, etc). While I’m there I’ll be going over the schedule with a fine comb and getting things organized. When I get back, the BIG push begins to get weapons, AI, mission scripting and generation, etc., back up and running. The goal for the first releasable Alpha is to be able to:

Walk around in the station hangar
Get in the fighter
Start it
Take off
Fly to another planet
Start a scripted mission that releases an enemy fighter
Kill an AI that is trying to kill you (hence you both can receive damage)
Fly back
Exit the fighter

Of course, lots of things go along with this–working communications, working Space Traffic Control, working hangar doors, particle system for weapons and effects, etc, etc, etc. But, mostly everything listed here worked in the prototype, so I know I can do it. As always, it all needs to be refined and expanded. We’ll get there…

Anyway, back to work I go…

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