DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 4/30/14

Hi all,

Sorry for not having any updates the past few days–I’ve knuckled down and have been hitting the ship system code hard. One by one I’ve been bringing them back online (which includes adding the instruments to control them). If you recall, before this engine change stuff started one of the things I was doing was moving the ship systems from the prototype stage and adding a BUNCH of functionality and detail to them. Some of that I had tested previously, other things I hadn’t had a chance yet.

Everything was going fine until I hit the Temperature Management System on Monday, which was one of the ones that didn’t have much testing. Not only does this have to keep ship systems in the proper temp range, it has to manage cabin temps and coolant temps, levels and pressures. It turns out this system, while fundamentally sound, was pretty broken. It took me until this morning to get it sorted out. This was critical as I couldn’t move on to main engines and other large systems until it worked. Now that I’ve seen it all working I have to say it’s pretty cool how heat energy gets actively and passively passed around the ship. I think you’ll be happy.

I’ll be going into more detail on each of these systems in the near future. I still want to be a bit careful about not revealing too much, as I think I’m doing some pretty unique stuff here…

So, tomorrow I’m on to the main engines. The goal is to be able to start them by the end of the weekend. After that is the maneuvering thrusters; and then I should be able to get the ship off the platform. That’s a big goal that I want to achieve by mid-May. After that I’ll be spending some quality time with Noesis GUI. I really want to get that simple controller setup screen up and running by June 1st.

Finally, I hope to put up a new, short, progress video on Sunday or Monday (once I get the engines working). It won’t be fancy or anything–just want to put something out to say “thanks” for your patience.

Until next time…

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