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Leadwerks Integration

Hi all,

I’m happy to say that the engine integration is going well and I’m right about where I expected to be with it. Now, that said, I have to admit that March was… difficult… in all honesty. This is a new version of the Leadwerks engine and there are still some bugs in it, which is to be expected. In every case so far I’ve be enable to cleanly code around the issues (and there haven’t been many of them). The problem is when I hit one I have to spend a lot of time looking at every bit of the RogSys game code to make sure that isn’t the problem. A few times it HAS been, simply because it was geared for the old engine and things don’t always translate 100%. As always, I try to put a good light on it because when I have to re-code something I try to do it better than I did before….

The GOOD news is that Josh, over at Leadwerks, has been VERY helpful and responsive when issues have popped up, and I truly appreciate his help. He’s made the integration go a LOT smoother than it would have…. As to my overall impressions–what I can say right now is that everything I’ve needed Leadwerks to do in order to run RogSys on top of it it’s been capable of doing. In many cases I’ve been able to find ways to do things better using the engine’s built in systems.

So, the latest is that I’m now able to walk, run, jump and crouch my way around the station interior. If mouse look is enabled (which it would be if you didn’t have TrackIR or some other tracking device) I can turn my character’s head independently of the body. I am also now doing ray casting from the character’s “eye’s out for two meters. When an object is “looked at” information is gathered up about it and distributed to the proper manager if the player presses the “action” key/button. Finally, I am now properly loading art for the appropriate ships, interiors and exteriors, and they are being positioned (either in space or docked) correctly (this last bit works using simple boxes–I’m in the process of converting a lot of art right now).

What all this means is that I’m very close to being where I was when all this engine BS started. I expect that in two weeks I’ll be able to sit down at the pilot’s station and at least be able to start the battery system via the cockpit controls. I think, when all is said and done, that I’m now about 1 to 2 months off schedule, which is unfortunate but recoverable. My hope is that some items I brought forward from deeper in the schedule will start to balance things out later.

The last bits of news I’ll chat about are the new GUI engine I’ll be integrating soon, and some news from RogSys’ Sound Designer/Composer. Firstly, the kind folks over at Noesis are graciously adding me to the list of Beta testers for the Leadwerks version of Noesis GUI. What this means is I should be able to start integrating this in the next week or two. This is good news for many reasons–the main one being I’ll be able to deliver an early build to ISI which will allow them to set up controls and have a look around. It’s always good when the publisher can see progress for themselves…

Secondly, Michael and I were talking today and he is beginning some early sound source recording. I believe starting very soon (in a week or two) he’ll be adding his own entries to the Developer’s Journal–posting samples he’s recorded and putting up bits of test music, etc. I’m anxious for RogSys to start getting her voice; so I’ll be looking forward to these updates myself

And, with that, it’s back to work I go. I need to get this art converted by the end of today so I can begin getting ship control reactions hooked up (again, beginning with the entry ramp). Oh, and I just wanted to mention, thanks for all the words of encouragement over the past month or so. The motivating comments here and there help more than you probably know


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