DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 2/28/14

Sorry for the delay–was a little under the weather on Weds. which slowed me down a bit. Here’s the concept for the enemy Guardian-Class Destroyer.


The destroyer is the combat work-horse of the expeditionary battle group–delivering the needed punch for strike missions as well as a strong protective umbrella for the carrier. It provides internal hangar space for four interceptors when needed, as well as internal and external docking for support ships. It hosts a variety of anti-capital ship weapons and a plethora of area defense weapons.

The other delay on getting this wrapped up was that, after I started painting, I realized I didn’t like the “bridge” section–it didn’t match the rest of the ship. Also, considering that the same race built both ships, you’d expect some design cross-over. So, I borrowed the basic bridge design from the carrier and it actually fit together pretty well. I’m not 100% happy with the bow section yet; but in general it’s what I was thinking. It just needs a bit more tweaking–nothing I’ll stress about it for now.

I just have a few small things to finish up for this month–a couple day’s worth of work at most. A word of “warning”–you might not hear much from me for the next few weeks. Not to worry, I’ll still be working. I’ll be doing the final engine integration in March; so, I’ll be buried in code until that’s finished. The goal is to get back to where I was using Nuclear Fusion as quickly as possible. I’ll do my best to pop in with a quick progress report here and there, but no promises. Just a head’s up so no one gets the wrong idea…. ;)

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