DCIRogue System
Dev Entry 2/10/14

Hi all,

Still have a few hours of work tonight, so I though I’d jump on and give you this past week’s update before it got too late

The station exterior is ALMOST done. There’s one section I’m still not happy with so I’m still working on that. I actually hit this section late last week and couldn’t find anything that I liked, so I switched gears for the remainder of the week. I find that it’s better to change to a completely different task when I’m stuck on something. Usually when I come back to it I can see things more clearly and the solution is right there.

I finished up the revision work on the Temperature Management System and I’m really excited about it. The new changes and additions further expand the abilities of the hull, systems and internal spaces to gain and lose heat energy. I’ve put a lot of this control in the hands of the computer; but certain components have manual overrides if needed. Remember that the computer will try to maintain normal levels, and these may not always be appropriate in extreme situations….

The other thing I finished last week was the initial implementation of the Flux Drive. In order to do this I had to change the way the main engine and maneuvering thruster systems were handled. The relationship and cooperation of the Flux and VASIMR-like drive systems are now much more defined and there are very specific instances where you will use one, the other, or both. I also had a chance to explore and implement some of the damage reactions for the Flux Drive. There is an internal balance that must be maintained in order for this drive to function properly and there are plenty of ways for this balance to be thrown off.

Usually, I find that the weekend is a time for experimentation. For example, a couple weeks ago I got both the Hydra controller and the Oculus Rift linked, compiled and initialized. These were completely off schedule, but from this I now know their implementation is just a matter of receiving and using data. This past weekend was about sound and music. Michael has been pestering me to investigate FMOD Studio, which gives the sound designer professional tools for mixing music and sound, saving them as “banks”, and allowing the playback of these banks in game.

Although it is a BIT pricey, their is no questioning that the functionality is worth the cost. They also have a nice discount for small indie studios. So, since I’m in the middle of this engine change I decided now was the best time to check it out. First, I got with Josh over at LeadWerks to make sure there wouldn’t be any compatibility issues–no problems there. I downloaded their SDK, linked it in and can compile it.

Right now all I’m doing is enumerating the sound devices and initializing the default according to Windows. Again, this is the “hard part”. All that’s really left now is bank management and event playback. So, I’m very excited to say that RogSys is going to have, if nothing else, a AAA sound environment Of course, I’ll need to secure the license before the initial Alpha release, but this shouldn’t be an issue. That said, I’ve learned a lesson or two with the graphics engine situation, so I’m coding my own wrapper around FMOD just in case I have to swap it out later on…

Speaking of engines, I’ve been given a target date for when I SHOULD have the new GFX engine in hand. With that, I now have a much clearer picture of what needs to be done with regards to the new engine wrapper. I’m fully aware that I’ll have some debugging to do once I plug in the new engine, and a lot of work to do after that (in a BIG hurry) to get myself back to where I wanted to be by now. It’s okay though–it’s just a hurdle. The cool thing about hurdles is that they can’t stop you–even if you trip over one you just get back up and keep going

So, this week is about finishing up the station–pronto (like, tomorrow ASAP)–and moving on to concept work. I’ll probably start with the carrier during the day and work on the navigation display designs in the evening. It really depends on what I’m inspired to tackle first Otherwise, I’ll end by saying that again I apologize for the delay in media. As always, as soon as I have something to share I will…


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